0 Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

Posted on August 29, 2016 by marina

In early July, the plant’s leadership went to meet the leadership of our Omsk Spotting Club, and an they organized a photoshoot for us.
MI-8 meets us on a pedestal near the plant entrance checkpoint.





6. We passed through the checkpoint and here we are at the plant.

7.There we were met by a stern fluffy guard.

Stop. Who are you?”
“Er, Omsk spotting Club”
“Well, then OK. Only the next time don’t you dare to come here without treats. I like chicken, by the way”.

8. The plant produces overhaul of civilian MI-8 helicopters of various modifications, including MI-8 AMT (export designation of MI-171); also the enterprise is engaged in re-equipment of helicopters for developer documentation, manufacturing of interchangeable components for own production needs, repair of aircraft components taking into account the operational constraints of the basic products.

The workshop of disassembly of helicopters.




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