1 Selfmade pickup from the Daewoo Matiz

Selfmade pickup from the Daewoo Matiz

Posted on August 25, 2016 by konst4


Matiz pickup? Why not! Two months of work, one and a half of Matiz’s cost for tuning, and you have a real pick-up. Just the most unexpected tuning of Daewoo Matiz ever…

According to the photos unusual tuning was made with attention to details, especially in the parts of the cargo compartment. It got a rubberized components and a hinged door.

The front of the car catches your attention with lenticular optics. Also you can notice an expanded track and sport tires.

We don’t think that the owner will transport goods on this pickup, but we can say that now this Matiz won’t be inconspicuous even in a crowd of the same cars.



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