2 Bombing attack by Su-34

Bombing attack by Su-34

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Andrey

During the recent Aviadarts competition (Avadarts and Aviamix at the ARMI-2016 show), I managed to shoot a bombing attack by four Su-34’s in the process.

Four Su-34 bombers covered by a pair of Su-35 fighters

Eight bombs are released by the first pair of Su-34’s (I don’t know their type)

Stabilizing parachutes opening

All parachutes open

Apparently, we can see sub-munitions release here

Parachutes off

The target field

The sub-munitions start going off


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  1. KLD says:

    Damn, nice shots. I am an Amerian but I love the Fullback. She is my fave Russian airframe.
    What’s with the aircraft (SU27?) in the foreground as the bombs come down?

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