6 Ghost Train. Frozen refrigerator

Ghost Train. Frozen refrigerator

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Andrey

I have not written about walking on derries for a while)

Is it difficult to hide a 17-car train? It’s easy! The train is perfectly visible from a distance of several kilometers, but once you come closer – it becomes very difficult to notice it through the planting )

The cars are not for passengers, which upset me a little at first, but it turned out that there are a lot of interesting things in the “refrigerator” as well))

The door is open, welcome) Let’s take a walk)

And the first car meets us with rust and destroy. Looking ahead, I’d say that the other cars are in a similar condition (

“Torpedo” hatch)) xD)


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6 Responses to “Ghost Train. Frozen refrigerator”

  1. ratlos says:

    I think in the past the train for fallen soldiers was used …. Chechnya …

    • www says:

      Isothermal wagons intended for the carriage of perishable goods (meat, fish, oil, fruit, vegetables, etc.). By appointment, these wagons are divided into universal and specialized. First designed for transportation of all kinds of perishable goods, and the second – for the transportation of certain goods, such as milk, live fish, wine.

  2. Tsuhna says:

    Why office of forgotten trains in Moscow don’t react?

  3. Rob Normann says:

    Exciting to explore old trains, especially when you can have a beautiful girl like that as company.

  4. tom bauer says:

    does each car have its own two engines for refrigeration?

  5. Radiologistic says:

    So, you find a train which is used to move nuclear waste, and spend an evening inside it to get max out from radiation? In next pictures you can show us how your balls glow in the dark by radiation :)

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