0 Where do Tajiks get expensive cars?

Where do Tajiks get expensive cars?

Posted on August 17, 2016 by konst4

Despite the fact that Tajikistan is one of the poorest countries of the former Soviet Union, along with Kyrgyzstan and Moldova, there a lot of expensive cars on the streets of Dushanbe. New foreign cars that cost a hundred thousand dollars drive through the streets. It looks especially strange in the courts. When there is an expensive BMW or “Mercedes” in a dusty courtyard. Where are all these luxury cars from? There are some explanations of it. Russian popular blogger Ilya Varlamov went to Tajikistan and explored this and other topics. Here is his text and photos:

Theft is above all. For some reason a lot of cars stolen in Germany or in Moscow stay in Tajikistan. The most interesting is that theft victims often know about the planned crime. Under the deal, the owner receives compensation from Insurance Company + bonus from thief, and the thief gets an expensive car, which is then driven to Central Asia.

Why do they import expensive stolen cars? It seems easier to sell cheap ones … In fact the high price of a luxury car allows the thief to spend his money for changing the numbers of body and engine and in general for changing the look of the car. If he did this with cheap cars it wouldn’t be profitable. It is easier for sellers to bring there hassle-free cars.

Therefore, it is advised in Tajikistan to buy cheap used cars but not an expensive ones as you have more chances that it wouldn’t be in the list of stolen cars.

It is believed that European cars for sale are imported to Tajikistan from the Baltic countries, and the Japanese, Korean and American – from Dubai. But many foreign cars are actually stolen in Germany. German media, such as Deutsche Welle, Der Spiegel and Bild, wrote about the transit of stolen cars to Tajikistan in 2011-2013.

About 14 000 vehicles a year, most of all – in Berlin are stolen every year. Stolen cars are driven through Poland and Lithuania to Russia, and then through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Dushanbe. Some cars settle in Uzbekistan, others run to Tajikistan. Most cars go in containers by rail.

Interpol has noted that in recent years Tajikistan has become a very popular market of stolen cars such as Russia, Romania and Moldova. Tajikistan has got a reputation of “car laundry”.

Cars stolen in Moscow also go to Dushanbe by transit through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan as there is no other way. Several times customs inspectors arrested large parties of cars with changed numbers and forged documents, but usually they cross the border without problems. Either because the numbers are changed well or the quality of forged documents is good, or someone bribed the right people.


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