0 Life in Tajikistan

Life in Tajikistan

Posted on August 15, 2016 by konst4

We continue to translate the stories about life in ex Soviet republic Tajikistan. Ilya went there and  walked along the Tajikistan capital Dushanbe. Below is his impressions:

I have already told you how fast this city changes, and in a few years you will not recognize it. Old Soviet Dushanbe dissapears. The authorities look at Asia, with its skyscrapers and bustle, and this concept has nothing common with the Soviet capital.

I walked through the courtyards and looked how ordinary Tajiks live.

01. The yard is almost always a parking.

02. They park much worse than we and even put the car near the doors.

03. Sweet

04. All yards are in bad condition, repairings and landscaping is not done for decades.

05. Someone leaves his car forever.

06. There was a lawn a long time ago.

07. The most adventurous people grab the land and make themselves parking under the windows!

08. Someone who is easier parks like this.

09. Very rare the yard becomes closed for vehicles, and children play there. A very unusual sight for Dushanbe.

10. Beautiful


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