2 43 years in the pantry: new IZH Jupiter – 3, 1973 in a wooden box

43 years in the pantry: new IZH Jupiter – 3, 1973 in a wooden box

Posted on August 11, 2016 by konst4


About six months ago I told you about a unique “time capsule” – a completely new Soviet motorcycle IZH Jupiter – 3 made in 1976 year, which survived to this day in the original package. Then it seemed that it is unreal to find such a technique in the same preservation. However, just recently I received an information that there is the same IZH Jupiter-3 in one of the villages near Kiev, and it is even an older model – 1973 and, what is the most important – it is in a similar condition, without a run in the USSR wooden box. I immediately decided to visit this rarity.

First epic picture: the new 43-year-old motorcycle among cans with preserves.

The singularity of this finding lies in the fact that all 43 year this motorcycle stood not even in the garage or shed, but directly in a private home: sidecar was kept in the kitchen, near the stove, and the “Jupiter” was in a small closet – between cans with preserves and the various rubbish!

Sidecar is directly near the cooker! Leatherette and foam seats all these years absorbed smells of food

There are still shipping labels on the boards

The fate of this technique is typical for the “time capsules”. In the old Soviet years a resident of a small village wanted to buy a private car: saved some money. But, as you all know, the machine ( “Lada”, “Muscovites”, “Volga”) at this time were in a terrible deficit and in there were none of them in the free market . As a result, he lost his patience and instead it he bought a motorcycle with a sidecar. But, he couldn’t drive, and hadn’t got a driving license.


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  1. Vijay says:

    Interesting pictures. Here is another request: Parrots as pets in Russia, their human companions and any other related stories. Thanks in advance. :)

  2. john dudley says:

    Very cool,i want it.

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