1 Sky predators Ka-52 at the Combined Air Base No. 50

Sky predators Ka-52 at the Combined Air Base No. 50

Posted on August 9, 2016 by Andrey

Since the 121 st Nonintegrated Red Banner Guards Sevastopol Heavy Bomber Wing left the Machulishchy Airfield (at the end of June 1994, the wing left for Engels in Russia), the deafening roar of the turbines breaks the silence here only during preparation for military parades. Dozens of planes and helicopters land on the airfield one after another; on the eve of the air show all airplanes that will participate in the parade are moved here. This activity has been lasting on the airfield for a little longer than a week. Apart from that, only the 3,000 meters long runway for all types of aircraft still reminds of those harsh times of flying.

Here and this year, the Machulishchy Airfield once again became the starting point for the holiday aircraft. On July 3, 2016, by courtesy of my colleague aka mir_mag, I was able to visit the Combined Air Base No. 50 one more time.

During the show preparation, the Russian combat reconnaissance and attack helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” of the 39th Helicopter Regiment of the 27th Crimean Mixed Aviation Division arrived to the airfield. Here are several photos of static aircraft:

By the way, here is a rare photo of the Ka-52 with external fuel tanks.

I also visited the cockpit, but I didn’t take photos due to obvious reasons :)

The Ka-52 has no additional propeller on its tail:

However, there are two main propellers:

Flight preparation:


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