6 Makhachkala – the garbage capital of Russia (47 photos)

Makhachkala – the garbage capital of Russia (47 photos)

Posted on August 7, 2016 by konst4

One well-known blogger recently visited Makhachkala, said that the city has got a very acute problem with garbage disposal. The fact is that the town is like one big dump, where garbage can be found at every step. Perhaps after this post, local authorities will pay attention to this problem and try to do something about it.

Further, the author’s words:

I made this photo six years ago, when I first arrived in Dagestan. Later this photo won the competition “Best Photos of Russia.” I remember, one official from the Russian government at the exhibition came to it, and could not believe that this is possible in Russia.

Half a year ago container platforms looked like this. Then Dagestan people explained that it is a temporary difficulty.

Roadsides looked like this. I was told that I had come at the wrong time.

I decided to come in a good time. Summer is the peak of tourism … I wasn’t looking for garbage, I just went by taxi from the airport. I was driving, with an open mouth , and what I saw … Makhachkala …

Containers are overfilled … All roadsides along the road are littered with trash.

And all this on 30-degree heat rots and stinks.

Rubbish is simply folded along the road, where it decomposes and stinks.

Dagestan people walk on the sidewalks, littered with bags of rotting waste.

No one cares. Well, it is rubbish, and what?

Nothing unusual.


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6 Responses to “Makhachkala – the garbage capital of Russia (47 photos)”

  1. John says:


  2. szawica says:

    It’s a systemic problem in Russia, not just in one town.

  3. Douglas says:

    I have discovered that all over Russia there are ”municipal problems” like we see here. This is no secret. There is plenty of money to clean the city. The reality is that the city officials have huge fat salaries, therefore there is no money left to adequately clean up the trash, paint the hospitals or make life liveable. So this is what all can see.

  4. LeeEC says:

    Are not these people afraid of some epidemic of disease, in this mess it could kill hundreds if not thousands of people. Especially old, weak, and children. This is hard to understand.

  5. szawica says:

    also…….Russia has more than it’s fair share of litterbugs.

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