5 How accordions and bayans are made in Tula

How accordions and bayans are made in Tula

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The story of how we with a company of bloggers went on a fascinating tour to the Tula accordion factory. The factory itself is located on the outskirts of the city and occupies a large area. Let’s start with the inspection of the factory’s museum in which there are collected a lot of accordions which were issued previously and continue to be made to this day.

Bayans and accordions are a reed instruments . Harmonica could be Double-row, bayans could be even five rows, and the right-hand side of accordion has got keys. In Europe, there is a button accordion, but it can be distinguished from the bayan only by specialist in musical instruments.

At the moment, the price delta for manufactured goods at the factory starts from 5000 t.r for tiny souvenir harmonica with your logo to 420,000 for multi-timbral bayan.

In the closet there is a single-timbral accordion for children’s instrumental ensemble. Each harmonica is set to its tone and plays a specially written party.

Employee of Department of development demonstrates skills of playing and tells many interesting things. I remember that the harmonicaists did not like to go to China and other countries with a humid climate, because a few days later the board swells and the tool starts to play on the new and not always well. The five-year wood with good drying saves us from this, but now this wood is not used to manufacture tools in Russia.

Each instrument on the factory is signed by hand and has its own unique decoration and pattern.

Five-row bayan.

As it can be seen from the scheme – Tula’s harmonica occupies a landmark position for all reed instruments, which are made all over the world.


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  1. monosodiumglutamate says:

    Dying tradition of hand made musical instruments.i hope these craftsman doing their good job so many years to come

  2. john dudley says:

    Interesting posting ,i enjoyed the picture’s, and article.The woman are not bad either.

  3. Bruno says:

    The most interesting I’ve read today. Such beautiful acordions

  4. fundaluk says:

    Beautiful handmade instruments.

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