2 How a Tu-104 was moved across Moscow

How a Tu-104 was moved across Moscow

Posted on August 2, 2016 by Andrey

Let me re-post an interesting article about how a Tu-104 was moved across Moscow from the Chkalovsky airfield. It was interesting for me, since the same people moved another Tu-104 last year in Tomsk.

Well, if you have a non-moving aircraft (a steam engine, a tank, a giant wardrobe, blah, blah, blah), and you want it moved, visit this website: negabarit_rus.

The original taken from negabarit_rus in How they moved a Tu-104 across Moscow.
A bit more than a month ago, we completed a very interesting task. The task was:”To transport a Tu-104 airliner from the Chkalovsky airfield to Zviezdny Gorodok (“The Star City”). First, a small excursion into history.

Tu-104 (NATO codification: Camel) was the first Soviet passenger jet plane.

In the period between 1956, when the British Comet jet airliner was suspended due to technical reasons, and October 1958, when the American jet airliner Boeing 707 was introduced into commercial service, the Tu-104 was the only jetliner operated in the world.

It looked like below.

So, in April 2016 (after 5 months of preparation), the work began. It would seem that there was nothing difficult, HOWEVER: various parts of the aircraft had various dimensions, for example, the maximum length was 24 meters, and the maximum width was 5.6 meters. Moreover, each of them had to be transported via different roads, because they didn’t fit into the same road. But the most interesting thing was that the width of the gate at the “Star city” was less than the width of the wing of the aircraft. Moreover, considering the traffic situation, we decided to work at night.

Preparation for transportation looked like this:

So, we decided to start with the simplest things – the wings, the chassis, the tail, the cockpit and the tail section.

First you have to check and measure everything. And after that, you may go on.

Unfortunately, I could not take many photos, since I had to work. Now, one more time, I am sorry about it:( but well, it’s okay. Next, we decided to deliver those parts of the wings that were larger than the gate at the “Star City”, and store them close to the entrance to the settlement. Again, I didn’t have much time for taking pictures.


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  1. TeriS says:

    Hello, good job! A group of volunteers does quite similar thing, already since 2014 preparing a TU-154M for transport from Prague to Aviation Museum in Kunovice (approx. 350 kms). But we try to do it without cutting…
    Look at our project website! http://www.museum-kunovice.cz/great-flight-english/

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