2 Rare Transport Aircraft VM-T Atlant

Rare Transport Aircraft VM-T Atlant

With the advent of a space-rocket transport system Energy - Buran it became necessary to transport certain large components to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The Ministry of Mechanical Engineering held a meeting on this issue. VM-T "Atlant" (3M-T) is a heavy transport aircraft Options such as building factories directly in Baikonur, or a special train (or car)
track, or building a navigable channel leading to Baikonur, or the creation of an airship, were not appropriate. It was assumed, for example, to carry components with two helicopters, however, the Aviation Agency said that the cargo could easily be dropped. It was decided to carry the load on the back of VM-T "Atlant" (3M-T).
7 Submarine 667-A Navaga scale model

Submarine 667-A Navaga scale model

  The model is made in the scale of 50:1, with internally illuminated compartments, and breakdown view, like all previous submarine projects. Building the model took two years by 6 people, part by part (nose, aft), collection of information and photographs took about 4 months more. The model is very large, it is 2,700 mm long. It was
therefore decided to make it from two parts. Otherwise, it would be impossible neither to take it out of the room, nor to transport it. The body is made of laminated fiberglass. The materials used ranged from plastic and Plexiglas to metal, paper, and (new) sewer pipes. Next, you will find many photos and little text

0 In Nenets Region They Have School Helicopter instead of School Bus

In Nenets Region They Have School Helicopter instead of School Bus

Over the entire school year, the children of the tundra have been living and studying at boarding schools. Now they are returning by helicopter to their nomadic parents, to
their families and tribal communities of Kaminskaya, Malozemelskaya and Bolshezemelskaya tundra, on Kolguev and Vaygach islands, for a short polar summer.

2 Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

  A set of cards released by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR in 1983 is dedicated to the region that used to have a generalized "resort" name at the time – the Caucasus Black Sea coast. Towns, villages and resorts from Anapa to Batumi administratively related to different areas, regions and republics, but for holidaymakers it was just the Black Sea coast. Visitors were both those who went "to the seaside" after getting a "whatever they had" ticket and those who traveled exclusively to the Caucasian coast. There were, of course, the adherents of the Crimea as well. These two regions replaced Turkey and
Egypt for Soviet citizens (unfortunately, there was no alternative to Thailand in the USSR, and our fellow citizens discovered the delights of winter beach holiday only in the 90th). Apart from vacations in the Crimea and the Caucasus, there was "the land of evergreen tomatoes" – Baltics with Jurmala. There will be more publications about the Crimea and the Baltic states, but now, to celebrate the beginning of summer, please welcome the postcards of the Caucasian Black Sea coast. Notes are original. Photos by V. Panov 1. View of the Cape Pitsunda (photo by R. Ozersky)

0 How They Produce Helicopters in Kazan, Russia

How They Produce Helicopters in Kazan, Russia

Kazan Helicopter Plant is the world-renowned manufacturer of helicopters Mi-8 which are operated in more than 100 countries around the world. Modifications of these helicopters are available in a wide range,
such as transport, passenger, rescue, airborne transport and many other. Russian-made helicopters manufactured in Kazan in total have flown more than 50 million flight hours around the world.
0 Elephants taken for a walk in Magnitogorsk

Elephants taken for a walk in Magnitogorsk

Pictures depicting elephants and made by the residents of Magnitogorsk emerged online. The animals were walking along the road not far from the cathedral church. Residents
photographed elephants, and some even managed to stroke them. The animals were brought to the city with the circus, and they were taken out for a walk a few times.

4 Awesome Super Realistic Small STALKER Landscape Model

Awesome Super Realistic Small STALKER Landscape Model

Russian guy has created interesting realistic small miniature STALKER world diorama or small landscape. Very meticioulus and hard word resulted in pretty awesome
result. An abandoned bus, monsters, trees, all hand made from paper, plastic, aluminum foil etc. Let's see its making in detail and the final result.

1 Production of Traditional Highlanders Felt Cloaks in Dagestan, Russia

Production of Traditional Highlanders Felt Cloaks in Dagestan, Russia

Two mountains of sheep's wool loomed behind a craftswoman like wings. With her strong, work-worn hands, she strung long strands to comb them and burst into thin fibers. Her helpers, like the legendary Amazons, stretched
wooden bows. There is no doubt, the dark silhouette on the floor was a not yet made felt cloak. In the village named Rahata there is the only factory making felt cloaks in Russia, which was opened in 1925.

3 Production of mammoth tusk in Siberia

Production of mammoth tusk in Siberia

About 10 thousand years ago, Northern Siberia and Yakutia were inhabited by long-haired giants called mammoths. The now extinct genus of mammals suffered from increased temperatures at the end of the last ice age, which resulted in flooding and reducing their habitat. The animals
were trapped on isolated islands without the slightest chance of returning to the mainland. Some populations trapped on these land areas in the East and in the North of Siberia remained there for some more time, and became extinct around 3,700 years ago.

1 Foreign Celebrities in the USSR

Foreign Celebrities in the USSR

The arrival of foreign stars in the Soviet Union was a significant event. It was significant both for Soviet citizens, and for the star. Foreign celebrities came to
our country on tour or filming, to participate in festivals, and some of them came even as tourists. Often foreign celebrities came to festivals

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