1 Winter in Karelia, Russia [20 photos]

Winter in Karelia, Russia [20 photos]

Posted on July 28, 2016 by marina


The advantage of tourists over local residents is that one sees everything in a new way, watching open-mouthed, another one indifferently passes by, they had seen it a hundred times.

Here is a village in Karelia, the Russian Finnish region, typical for the whole phenomena of the country, but still different.

*Attention! Dangerous road section!*

Fairy tale, a true fairy tale! I dislike winter but that’s because I live in a big city. Karelia is beautiful in snow. I did not cease to admire the beautiful roads.

A lot of Finnish names, and it is clear why. Part of the modern territory of Karelia was Finland.


The basic building material is wood, one can pass a hundred settlements and do not come across a single stone house. Old wood gives a special charm.

There are abandoned villages. Only the chimney has remained, the rest on the house was made of wood.

A small channel. A magical place!

The sun light was not enough, it appeared only for a couple of hours for the whole trip.

On the second day it was decided to definitely find a village where one can make a reportage about the Karelian life. 

Every self-respecting village should have a store that has been closed since the Soviet years :)

*grocery store*

There is no malls in villages where residents can buy fashion clothing and footwear. Where people get clothes in Russian villages, I was always curious. Because people need to buy new clothes, at least sometimes. Probably such cars carry mobile shops: one day they stay in one place, and then go further.

*sale of shoes*


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  1. RB says:

    Someone please tell me about the lady and the fireplace,it looks like there is a bathtub on the top. How fascinating,,,

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