0 Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation

Posted on July 28, 2016 by marina

*The second Life of helicopters: Blog Tour at Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation*

1. On February 5, 1945, based on production of aircraft repair base no. 406 capacity in Aktyubinsk town (Kazakhstan) there was created “Omsk aircraft repair workshops no. 41 West Siberian management of civil aviation”. From 1945 to 1956 years in the workshops there was overhauled 1235 aircrafts Po-2  and 2008 engines M-11.

In 1956, they started repairing the new type of aircraft Yak-12 and engine AI-14 R . From 1956 to 1969, there were repaired 695 aircraft Yak-12 and engine AI-1931 14 R. In 1960 they mastered repair of Mi-4. From 1961 to 1985 the enterprise completed overhaul of 2638 helicopters Mi-4.Omsk

2. In 1969, the Ministry of civil aviation renamed aviation workshops to factory number 41 of civil aviation. In the late 60-ies the plant mastered the repair of Mi-8 helicopters (T, P, PS). In 1994, the plant mastered the repair of helicopters MTV-1 Mi-8. During the period from 1969 there had been renovated more than 5,000 Mi-8 helicopters of various modifications. By far, the Mi-8 is the main type of aircraft undergoing repair at the factory. Monument to the helicopter is set in fromt of the factory. On February 2015, Omsk Plant of Civil Aviation celebrated the 70th anniversary.

3. Monument Mi-8. Mi-8 RA-22217 – Omskavia (AirUnion) / 1976 /

4. After a brief excursus on the history of the factory we went to explore the workshops, flight test station and the area of ​​finished products. Workshop of disassembly of helicopters before repair.

Mi-8AMT (MI-171 / MI-172) – UP-MI705 – Kazakhstan – Ministry of Emergency Situations (Kazakhstan air rescuers (Kazaviaspas)) / 2006 / 




9. Finished hulls


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