0 Therapeutic Mud of the Caucasian Dead Sea

Therapeutic Mud of the Caucasian Dead Sea

Posted on July 27, 2016 by marina

This is a unique source of health — Lake Tambukan.

During the WWII, wounded soldiers liberated Pyatigorsk from the Nazis, applied  on a bandage a layer of mud from this lake. Today, manufacturers of cosmetics are looking at the lake at their point of view: in Tambukan mud, they say, one can find youth and forget about the shortcomings of the skin.

Healing — if not invaluable — mud they compare to the famous Dead Sea mud. When a couple of years ago, the lake overflowed its banks and washed away the track “Caucasus” – the main road on the Russian south, no alarm sounded about a strip of asphalt, even federal one. Environmentalists were worried about the unique properties of the pond and mud at the bottom. As a result, the unusual lake saved itself: the best defense against poison of asphalt became supersalt water.

What science says about Tambukan.

“Tambukan is a large basin that receives moisture from rain and snowmelt. The Sun evaporates excess water. The Lake is endorheic, and the skeletons of all micro-organisms that have ever lived in it, remain at the bottom,” said Eugene Potapov, a candidate of geological and mineralogical Sciences. “Deposits of mud are formed in the same way as oil fields: they need organics — deposits of dead plants and animals. Layer of sulfide silt mud accumulates 700 years, it is estimated the age of the Lake.

The water in the Lake is a saturated salt solution with a salinity of 30 grams per liter. When Tambukan dried, salt content in the waters reached 360 grams per liter, it’s even greater than in the famous Dead Sea.

What history says about Tambukan.

Tambukan had dried up many times for 700 years of its life. Then again filled with water — and again dried up. But it has always been salty, and it was into the hands of the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages. Salt is one of the main minerals at all times.

When the lake dried up, sometimes people walking in the sand got their feet in the mud and recovered from rheumatism. Eventually people realized that Tambukan was not so simple. Tambukan treated.


Mud wraps and baths here used since 1886. Sulphide mud helps guests and locals treat joints, the spine and almost all organs. As specialists explain, all thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, regenerating, absorbing and other properties of mud.

*Pyatigorsk therapeutic mud bath*

While the Lake is alive and didn’t lose its properties, people continue to get Tambukan mud and make this in an industrial way. “Each time at the beginning of the season, our specialists determine the area where production will be maintained. Under the terms of the license for a year, we have the right scoop 12 tons of dirt,” said leading technologist Tambukansky plot Elena Fedorova. “Naturally, extraction is carried out as required in accordance with concluded contracts.”

The barge is placed in the lake, it is equipped with a dredge. The machine pulls dirt from the depths.Then a barge sticks to the coast, and mud either processed, packaged for five-liter banks and left to stand in a cool storage, or directly – without treatment – sent in tanks to health resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters.

*Caucasian Mineral Waters*

For cosmetic purposes the dirt is ground, removing sand, algae and solids from it. Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria and the Moscow manufacturers of cosmetics buy already prepared banks from mining companies.

“In one milliliter of mud there are up to 100 thousand microorganisms,” said Fedorova. “Dirt regularly passes tests: despite an increase in the water level in the Lake, all indicators are normal.”

They began to use sulphide mud in cosmetology relatively recently. It was a hard process to adjust the output of cosmetic products and its components. To work with the mud requires special equipment – reactors, which will be occupied only by this kind of cosmetics. Making white cream with them is no longer possible.

“We introduce a prepared and processed raw materials in a creamy base, add complex of extracts and essential oil. As a rule,we take lavender, it covers the smell of hydrogen sulfide very well,” director of training center KORA Irina Udyanskaya describes the technology of manufacture of cosmetics laboratory. 

Tambukan mud has bactericidal and absorbing properties, so it helps to work with oily skin, inflammatory disease of acne in severe stages. Masks with mud affect all parts of the development of acne: regulate sebaceous glands, exfoliate dead skin cells, give anti-inflammatory effect. The mud used in lifting masks and anti-cellulite complex. Mud masks and body wraps are well combined with ultrasonic procedures and myostimulation.

How to apply masks with Tambukan mud properly.

The first rule: never give the mask to dry on your skin. Some people believe that this is the only correct way. When the mask is dried, the problems begin. The layer always should be wet.
The second rule: apply mask onto damp skin. As regards just mud extracted from the Lake, you cannot use 100% sulphide mud in cosmetology. It can be part of the formula but processed in small quantities.


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