21 Residents of Samara City Undressed for a Full Tank of Gas

Residents of Samara City Undressed for a Full Tank of Gas

Posted on July 27, 2016 by marina

Yesterday, an unusual event took place at a gas station in Samara for everyone who wanted to fill a full tank of the car. The terms were as simple as possible and exactly the same for everyone! Both girls and guys could refuel, the conditions were equal for all!
* Enter the forecourt of the filling station in a bikini and in shoes with heels
* Without the aid of helpers, boyfriends/husbands/wives, etc. (i.e. independently), insert the refueling nozzle into the tank;
* Go to the cashier and state the bowser number, the brand of fuel and add a smile – TO FULL !!!

By the way, the event that day lasted for three whole hours. Ready, set … GO! The queue that formed as very long…

The first car…

For the event, there were two registers open (№1 and №2). Rivers of gas!

Mostly guys drove cars, they accompanied their beauties with wide smiles.

Men, seeing the endless stream of beauties, decided to stay at the gas station for a cup of coffee

I realize now that one can look forever not only at how a fire burns, how water flows and how a starry sky shines, but also at your woman gracefully filling the car.

There were quite a few single girls, too.

While Dad distracting a small boy, Mom “feeds” a family car


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21 Responses to “Residents of Samara City Undressed for a Full Tank of Gas”

  1. Kent Bent says:

    Holly hardwood, Batman!
    They’re all hot!!! I need to go to Samara.

  2. D.M Szawica says:

    Excellent journalism ! I wish we had such petrol stations here in the U.S.

  3. Ryan says:

    <3 Russia!

    In the USA, the gas station, employees and even customers would be harassed by leftist, liberal loser social justice warriors, saying that this was sexist and horrible.

    • Philip Jennings says:

      …Or harassed by ultra-right fanatics who think beauty and fun are things even more horrible –according to their local preacher.

  4. john dudley says:

    Magnificent ……

  5. OCTOMOM says:

    Only one fat girl! What’s wrong with you Russians?? You don’t eat??

  6. Chac Mool says:

    Great pictorial! This is what I was talking about.

  7. Asmodeus says:

    God bless Russian women. Girls, moms, all of them.

  8. speznov says:

    What a bunch of filthy, degenerate fat animals.


    At least your left wing is right. Russia is full of liberal, alcoholic degenerates, even our “right” wing.

    • Philip Jennings says:

      ..”Russia is full of liberal, alcoholic degenerate…”. –LOL. I suppose you’re American, right? Nice butthurt.

      …”filthy, degenerate fat animals…”. Again? Maybe you also don’t like women. Are you a “girl”? Please write some more. Very revealing.

      …Ah, all this is SO SCARY!

    • Virginia Chastity says:

      Of course this is SHOCKING!!

      They obviously are local Russian women in a BIKINI!! Why are they smiling?? How they dare to be good looking?? Why they are not ashamed?? Why they aren’t afraid?? I don’t undertsand!! Why? WHY??

  9. audeamus says:

    very nice, more please

  10. Uriah says:

    Bikini and high heeled shoes … something tells me that the girls were prepared for this little happening …

  11. Ball Breaker says:

    My friends in Alabama were also terrified about this post. They just prefer to watch their cousins and sisters in a nice bikini.

  12. Lord Palmerston says:

    I knew this would hurt some ‘proud’ Hillbilly sensibilities. Some people just don’t like to see happy and beautiful –foreign– girls. Or girls, at all….

    **Please note that NONE has trashy Tattoos on them!

    Everyday, real Russian girls are very attractive and natural, no fakes. Please keep coming posts like this. Thanks ER.

  13. Tom says:

    It’s sad how little self-respect some women have for themselves. You can call me old-fashioned, but I prefer ladies who keep their clothes on. These women here are not ladies; nothing a decent man would consider a relationship and a future with. They’re good for some quick fun, and that’s about it. It makes me sad that Russian women stoop so low.

  14. Knight2 says:

    speznov and Tom…you both have some serious mental problems please seek help asap. Russian women are beautiful in any size.And Lord Palmerston is correct about the tattoos. Here in the USSA a lot of the females get those trashy tattoos that make them look horrible. Nice to see those natural beauties. What is not to love?

  15. audeamus says:

    well said Knight2

  16. Suzie says:

    Knight2, go back to your trailer park and your 300 lbs. fat “natural beauty”. Maybe she left you some McDonald’s.

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      Angry? -LOL.. Just one girl out of 10 or 20. is not a ‘majority’. Even if you try hard.

      Keep trying….

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