8 Chinese Tanks and Chinese Flying Leopards Arrived to Russia

Chinese Tanks and Chinese Flying Leopards Arrived to Russia

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Andrey

As announced on July 23, 2016 by the Kaliningrad branch of the “Vesti-24″ TV channel, a team of Marines from China arrived at the main base of the Baltic fleet of the Navy of Russia, Baltiysk (the Kaliningrad region) to participate in the international competitions in field training “Marines 2016.” The Chinese team brought with them four modern Chinese marine corps combat vehicles ZBD05.

The combat vehicles were reported to have been delivered to Kaliningrad by ferry, then they were transported to Baltiysk by rail, and then they were delivered to the shooting range of the Baltic fleet marine corps in trailers. The Chinese team is the only team inf the “Marines-2016″ competition to use their own combat vehicles, the rest of the competing teams will use Russian vehicles. In 2015, during similar competition, “The Caspian Derby”, the Russian team was the first in the team event, while the Chinese team was the second.

The ZBD05 marine corps combat vehicle of the Chinese Marines team that arrived for participating in the international competitions in field training “Marines 2016.” Baltiysk (the Kaliningrad region), 23.07.2016 (C) Daria Kalinicheva / vesti-kaliningrad.ru.



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8 Responses to “Chinese Tanks and Chinese Flying Leopards Arrived to Russia”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    The future of Russia: tanks and planes made in China using 40-years old Soviet designs…

    • Philip Jennings says:

      LOL. I missed your fantasies, “Karlo” boy.

      …”using 40-years old Soviet designs…”. Really? Like the 40 year old Abrams tank? The older A-10? The 60 year old B-52? Please let us know when the replacements are supposed to be coming.

      Now, please tell us more about ‘the future’.

    • Agent Beeman says:

      Love your hilarious fictions, “Karlo”. But Russia has updated and produced brand new planes, tanks and submarines in the last years, and spending only a 10th of the cost of the US Military Budget every year. The Chinese love to buy some watered down versions…

      But we know that anything resembling reality, is not your kind of thing. Please write some more of your Short Fictions.

  2. liptonius says:

    Page 1, Pic 1. You want to bet your live behind that welding job?

    Check out for how the big boys do it.

  3. liptonius says:

    fuckers deleted the link search-weldporn on tumblr

  4. Andrew Miller says:

    Really love those Chinese tanks really well built.

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