4 A Sneak Peek into an AN-124 Ruslan, the World’s Largest Aircraft

A Sneak Peek into an AN-124 Ruslan, the World’s Largest Aircraft

Posted on July 22, 2016 by marina

Heavyweight aircraft transfers huge drilling rigs, equipment, machines on thousands of miles. When there is no opportunity or time to send cargo by water or by land, heavy transport aircraft comes to the aid.
The leader among heavyweight aircrafts is rightly considered AN-124 “Ruslan”. It is the second world’s largest serial cargo plane (the first is AN-225 Mriya). The largest operator of AN-124 is the Russian Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

1. Aircraft an-124 “Ruslan” had been designed primarily for air transportation of mobile launchers for intercontinental ballistic missiles. The first flight of the prototype flew on 24 December 1982 in Kyiv.

3. This plane is really amazing. The length of the aircraft is 69 meters.

4. AN-124 is nearly twice as long compared with the Airbus A-320.

5. Aircraft height is 21 meters. This is a 7-storey building.

6. Wingspan is 73 meters. For example, this is the width of the Red Square in Moscow.

8. Multisupport chassis equipped with a 24-ring wheels that allows to operate AN-124 with unpaved runways, as well as to change the angle of inclination of the fuselage which facilitates loading.

9. The aircraft is equipped with 4 engines D-18T. In takeoff mode, each engine develops a thrust of 23.4 tons (or 230 kN). The total traction of all 4 engines is 93.6 tons (920 kN). It can be assumed that every engine on take-off mode has an output of about 12 500 horsepower!

10. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 865 km / h. Practical range is 4500 km, ferry range is 16500 km.

11. A feature of the aircraft design is the presence of two cargo hatches in the nose and tail parts of the fuselage, which facilitates and accelerates the processes of loading cargo. In particular the goods in the AN-124 can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously from the nose and tail parts.

12.. Opening of the front cargo hatch is carried out in stages with the remote control.


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  1. john dudley says:

    Very fine posting,with excellent photo’s,it is all fascinating to see and read.Keep up the good work.

  2. Alex says:

    really the biggest? not so sure, the biggest airplane in the world is Antonov-AN-225-Mriya, please check :D

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