1 Story of Light: Lighthouses on the Edge of the World

Story of Light: Lighthouses on the Edge of the World

Posted on July 21, 2016 by Andrey

Some of the most beautiful lighthouses of Russia and the Far East are located in Primorsky Krai. It would seem that the task of lighthouses – to serve as a guiding light for ships ­– has become almost symbolic in the age of satellite technology. But this does not bother light keepers, or, as they call themselves, lightmen.

To understand what people work at lighthouses for decades, we went to the coast of Primorsky Krai and recorded their stories.

When you see a lighthouse, you feel somewhere not in Russia, and not even on the “mainland”, but in a picture from a children’s book.

Range coverage of Lighthouse Povorotny –22 miles.

Light – white

International lighthouse number – M7572

Year of construction – 1892

Distance from Vladivostok – 105 km

Three people, including the keeper Sergey and Konstantin – a technician who oversees the work of the equipment – currently live and work on the cape where the lighthouse is situated.

Sergey Mityanin finishes smoking “Java” next to the technical area and comes up to greet us.

Lighthouse Povorotny, built back in the XIX century in the waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great, is an example of naval architecture.

The weather here changes every 15 minutes: you get blown by the wind before you can say Jack Robinson. The chief of the lighthouse takes out a cigarette; scratches his head without removing his hat and looks into the eyes: do we start?

- My military specialty is a fighter pilot. I flew next to Saratov in the regiment. Then I retired and became a civilian. They needed a man for Povorotny who could keep the cattle and care about the lighthouse. That’s why they invited me.

- We used to have a team of 8 people, now we only have three. Self-discipline is required here, but some people do not catch on because they need to communicate.


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  1. john dudley says:

    Excellent posting,interesting fellows that live there, and take care of the the old light house, i wish them well, and a very long life.

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