7 Have You Ever Seen Nuclear Power Plant from Inside?

Have You Ever Seen Nuclear Power Plant from Inside?

Posted on July 20, 2016 by marina

To get to the current nuclear power plant is an unattainable dream for many.
Multi-level security system, radiation and seething crater of a nuclear reactor.
… Welcome!

1. Smolensk NPP. Desnogorsk town.
One of the 10 operating nuclear power plants in Russia.
Nuclear power plant provides 8% of the electricity in the Central region and 80% in the Smolensk region.
And a huge building which scale can not fail to impress.

2. The construction of nuclear power plants was announced in 1973.
Multilevel access control.
At each stage of the passage in the NPP its own kind of protection. And of course, lots of special equipment.

3. Visiting NPP, first of all, it is necessary to undress.
Then put everything white and clean …
Even socks and bonnet.


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7 Responses to “Have You Ever Seen Nuclear Power Plant from Inside?”

  1. Les. Hayward says:

    VERY impressive – cleaner than some hospitals. A nice bit of engineering and an excellent report.

  2. thank you so much for sharing, it was fascinating, by the way you have super cute legs :)

  3. Douglas says:

    The lunch room is the best part of this visit.

  4. john dudley says:

    Very interesting posting,i enjoyed reading it,and in seeing it.

  5. rolex says:

    They look like bakers xD

  6. Asmodeus says:

    Nice pics taken by…. Daniel Craig?? Looks a lot like him.

  7. michele fiorentino says:

    great post, amusing, thanks

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