0 Lost battery and Gelendzhik catacombs

Lost battery and Gelendzhik catacombs

Posted on July 18, 2016 by Andrey

This is the place of installation of one of the guns of a three-gun battery No. 714 of the Novorossiysk naval base of the Black Sea Fleet. Few people know about it, all paths to this place have overgrown with thorns.

Unlike Zubkov battery, this battery is not so heroic. The battery accepted its first fight on 23 August 1942.

Captain Mikhail Petrovich Chelak was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for courage, 10 battery fighters received orders and medals for courage and bravery during the battles for Novorossiysk

Overall, the entire Novorossiysk naval base included:

– training battalion of submarines consisting of SCH-201, SCH -202 (in Feodosia), SCH-203 (repair in Sevastopol), M-51 (repair in Sevastopol), M-52, M-54 (repair in Ochakov), M-55 (repair in Sevastopol), depot ship “Ochakov”;

– Detachment of torpedo boats (6 pcs.);

– 72nd separate artillery battalion consisting of 16th rail 180 mm four-gun battery (Tuapse), 23rd 152 mm four-gun battery (Kodosh Cape);

– 31st 152 mm four-gun battery (Myskhako Cape);

– 714th 130-mm three-gun battery (Gelendzhik, Tonky Cape)

– Raids security (two boats);

– Separate railway squadron;

– Rifle platoon;

– Mine detachment.

The gun rotating on this flange was located here.


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