4 Capital of Rebel Chechnya Grozny City in 2016

Capital of Rebel Chechnya Grozny City in 2016

Posted on July 17, 2016 by marina

Grozny City is not like any one of the Russian cities. Wide roads, no mangy five-story building, a lot of cafes and restaurants. And it’s in a small provincial town of small region! Of course, everyone knows the story of Grozny, it was destroyed almost to the ground. But it had been restored. Today it is the safest city in Russia.

1.The monument at the entrance to the city.



3. Construction of new buildings continues here day and night.

4. They built a complex of skyscrapers “Grozny Сity”, in one of the towers of which there is located 32-storey hotel. Where else in Russia (except Moscow) since the Soviet era anything like that had been build?

5. One of the towers was burnt. The windows of my room looked out just on the fire-damaged skyscraper. No trace of a fire is visible, though. The house was quickly cleaned from soot, and soon will be rebuild.

6. Approximately the same picture I did three years ago from the roof of one of these houses, but the last time it was unfinished. Now on the top floor of the hotel there is a restaurant with a viewing platform.

7. Residential areas.

8. The city is green and homelike.

9. Why there are no such parks in other cities?

10. The main part of Grozny consists of private houses. And behind the houses – the mountains of the Caucasus. In general, the ideal for me is “the American” system of the city, with a central area of ​​downtown, and the private sector around.

11. A narrow river Sunzha flows in Grozny. Over three years they have made a stone embankment. Almost beautiful.


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4 Responses to “Capital of Rebel Chechnya Grozny City in 2016”

  1. Tyler says:

    its all built on DRUG money, silly.
    there wouldnt be s**t without it, only old war-torn buildings.

  2. Bob in New Jersey says:

    I liked you photographs very much. We never see this on TV or news. Take care and keep up the good work!

  3. Richard S says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are occasional UXOs in various parts of the city.

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