1 Space shield of Crimea

Space shield of Crimea

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Andrey


There is a unique place a couple of dozen kilometers away from Yevpatoria, the huge antennas of which can be seen from afar. It was built in USSR and now the 40-th separate command and measuring complex as part of the Titov Main Test and Space Centre of the Aerospace Forces is located here.

  1. The complex of buildings of a scientific tracking station was built in Crimea In 1960. It controlled the spacecraft “Echo”, “Venera” and “Mars”. Later, control of manned spacecraft was also implemented.

  1. The Center for Deep Space Communication was established there after the collapse of the USSR. In fact, the center turned from the military facility into a civil observatory under the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, but the military presence was necessary to maintain and ensure the efficiency of military radio telescopes.


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  1. john dudley says:

    It’s good to see that the government, are going to use the facilities again,so an interesting country.

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