1 How well is the MiG-31 Fighter Interceptor Armed? Lets See on this Fresh 2016 Example

How well is the MiG-31 Fighter Interceptor Armed? Lets See on this Fresh 2016 Example

Posted on July 15, 2016 by marina

During air festival “Wings of Parma, 2016″ it was possible to look at the missile-gun armament of the fighter-interceptor MiG-31. Let’s see inside what sort of weapons does it carry and how bad they are.

2. Four guided missiles of long range P-33 are placed in position on launch devices AKU-410, installed on the lower surface of the middle part of the fuselage. Rocket weight is 480 kg, warhead weight – 47 kg, firing range – 120 km.

3. The missile control system in the MiG-31 provides independent missile guidance issued with one or more hooks on one or more targets at different altitudes with different flight speeds. In the missile guidance system there is used inertial guidance in the initial part of the flight and semi-active radar homing in the final part of the trajectory. GOS Type: Doppler, semi-active.

*Nikolay Ivanov*

5. Motor installation: bimodal SRBS. Detonation device: proximity sensor (active pulse with a range of 20 m). Warhead: high-explosive type.

6. The missile R-33 was developed in GosMKB “Vympel”. State flight tests of the missile were completed at the end of 1980 year on experienced MiG-31 fighters. By the Decree of the CPSU Central Commitee and USSR Council of Ministers from May 6, 1981 # 436-132, the first domestic missile “air-air” class P-33 long-range was adopted by the Soviet army air defense.

7. The first twenty missiles R-33 was mass produced in Kaliningrad in KPO “Strela”. After that mass production was transferred to Dolgoprudny factory where the missile had been produced for more than a decade.

8. The aerodynamic missile scheme of P-33 is normal. In the design of R-33 titanium and steel are widely used for protection from kinetic heat. Protection during the flight is provided by insulating coating: sealant and heat-shielding mats, without forced cooling system. Missile engine is dual-mode, which provides start-up acceleration and cruising speed, and it is located near the center of gravity of the missile. The power unit in the tail section includes gas generators steering of engines and turbo-generation of the power.

9. On the MiG-31 in the fairing on the starboard side of the fuselage, there are permanently mounted the six-barreled 23-mm automatic gun GSH-6-23M with ammunition 260 rounds, rate of gun – 8000 rounds/min. The gun is mounted under the cowl from the outside right air intake, firing is done through a special recess in the normal position of the closed flap.

10. At the festival, the gun GSH-6-23 and gun mount 9EYU-768 have been shown in an open form (split layout).

11. Performance characteristics of the gun mount.

12. The gun GSH-6-23M was developed in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau under the supervision of A.G. Shipunov and V.P. Gryazev. IT was put into service in 1980.


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