6 Donetsk. The ruined Airport

Donetsk. The ruined Airport

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Andrey

Here is the place in Donetsk  where only the war remains. It is a ruined Donetsk Airport. A traveller went there and see his pictures and words about this place:
I must say right away that though we aren’t hippies, there were five of us who went to the airport. Three of us were Russian citizens, and two of us were the citizens of the NATO countries – Poland and Latvia; two of us (myself and the Pole) had accreditations of “civilian” journalists without the right to visit the combat zone, and only one person from our team was not a guest in the DPR.

As we pass residential quarters, the signs of war at hand are becoming more and more numerous – here a fence hit by splinters; there a splinter firmly stuck in the main wall, or a crater in the pavement:

Behind the houses, in the perspective of the street something awful and huge becomes visible:

And now we are in the residential quarters almost completely destroyed by the war:


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6 Responses to “Donetsk. The ruined Airport”

  1. Alain says:

    Thanks Russia for the mess…

    • Ball Breaker says:

      Russia? You mean, those naive Maidan protesters, who brought down a government (with some foreign help). Now, please inform us if they are going to finally join the EU. –LOL.

      • Philip Jennings says:

        According to the EU itself, that won’t happen in decades, no matter if the Ukrainians bomb more villages and kill more folks in them (as our friend “Alain” wants). But back them, nobody told those Maidan enthusiasts about it. Anyway, they had some nice cookies…

  2. tom bauer says:

    did anyone really win?

    • Philip Jennings says:

      All Ukrainians lost. On both sides. Maidan fanatics wanted to join the EU, but that won’t happen in decades (according to the EU itself). And the Ukrainians in the other side got bombed for having another opinion…

      No surprise they thought about secession.

  3. Les. Hayward says:

    What a shame, what a waste. Get it together folks and rebuild your lives and buildings. All the best from Wales.

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