2 Barbers from Kirov Cut Hair for Homeless Men for Free. Each Person Told Us His Own Story

Barbers from Kirov Cut Hair for Homeless Men for Free. Each Person Told Us His Own Story

Posted on July 14, 2016 by marina

The owner of the Kirov male hairdresser Eugene Bukharin and his workers visited the Center of assistance to persons without permanent residence to make them trendy hairstyles. Barbers had a small talk with the men and brought their hair and beard in proper form. “The idea to cut vagrants came after reading the material on how the European Barber once a week went to the streets and cut homeless

We liked this idea very much because it is easy for us, and people who find themselves in a difficult situation need support and human participation. Hopefully, with our help, beggars seeing themselves new and neat will want to change everythinhg and start life with a clean slate. Our plan is to make trendy haircuts for boys from the orphanage,” said Eugene Bukharin.

Vladimir Algin, 53. He worked as an electrician. He had an apartment. After selling the real estate, money to buy a new apartment was not enough. He began to live on the street. He frostbit his leg and became disabled. He wants to establish relationships with his 24-year-old daughter.

Vladimir Sukhanov, 63. He spent 35 years in prison. He has a 16-year old daughter. He divorced his wife because of disagreements with his mother-in-law. He had a flat and a car. He fell asleep at a bus stop, his documents were stolen. Now lives in the Center of assistance to persons without permanent residence.

Sergey Naumov, 57. He was brought up in an orphanage. He grew up, he found his mother. Lived with her some years. Sergey’s mom died and his life went down hill. The man does not remember how many times he was in prison. Sister lives in St. Petersburg. Sergey hasn’t seen her for 20 years.

Vladimir Semiglazov, 59. Higher humanitarian education. Worked in the forest industry, had been supervising the Kirov Arboretum for 4 years. He was married twice, he has two daughters. The death of his second wife left him without an apartment. He lived at the station.

Vitaly Sokolov, 48 . He is from the Sverdlovsk region. He worked as an electrician. He was married twice. He had been living in the UK for unemployment benefits for 25 years. He arrived in Kirov to visit his brother. But he had already died by that time. The man had nowhere to go and he found himself at the Centre of care. His plan is to restore his documents and return home.

Aleksey Toporkov, 56. He spent the half his life in prison. The rest of the time he worked as a construction worker. He had an apartment, but his relatives took it away.

Vitaly Kuvaldin, 63. He worked on the farm cattle in Nolinsky District. Then was in prison.He got out in 2003. In 2012, he was left without a home. In summer he lived on the street, in winter – in the basement. In the Center, his documents were restored and now he receives a pension.

Mikhail Pletnev, 49. He worked in a mechanical plant. He was married twice. He has two daughters. After a divorce, he was left without a shelter. He began to drink. Then he began to live at the church and stopped drinking. His plan is to rent a room and find a job.

Alexander Golovkin, 56. Educated accountant – economist. After perestroika he lost his job. He robbed and killed. He spent 24 years in prison. His wife died 17 years ago, no children. His plans are to go back to prison or after 60 years to get into a nursing home.

Veniamin Pischanin, 66. 40 years of skiing: biathlon and polyathlon. He was twice champion of RSFSR. He had 320 medals, they were stolen. He had been familiar with his wife since 5. They married at 18, had two daughters. Whole life they lived together. When his wife died, he was left without an apartment. His plan is to do sports again.


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  1. john dudley says:

    Very sad life they all have lived,i wish them all well though.

  2. Kyle says:

    Such a sad story of their history. Nice of them to offer their services for free. Thanks for sharing this article.

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