0 Abandoned airfield Stariy Amanak

Abandoned airfield Stariy Amanak

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Andrey


After we finally arrived in the village Stariy Amanak of Pokhvistnevsky district of Samara region and visited an impressive war memorial with two anti-tank cannons and fighter aircraft MiG-15, we got off to search for a long non-operational airfield Stariy Amanak located nearby. It was no trouble to find it: two hangars stand on the hill and can be seen from afar.

The highest point of the runway of the civil aviation airfield Stariy Amanak is above sea level by 117 meters. Runway (01/19): width – 20 m, length – 410 m, covering – solid (asphalt). The former venue for aviation chemical works.


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