12 Man Unearthed Forgotten Nazi Hideout Which Stayed in the Ground for 70 Years

Man Unearthed Forgotten Nazi Hideout Which Stayed in the Ground for 70 Years

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Andrey

Citizen LUKICHEV Dmitry discovered some buried treasure from the Second World War at his summer cottage in Besh-Kungei. A few minutes after the start of digging a cesspool for his outdoor toilet, the shovel hit something metallic, which turned out to be an army field locker of the Third Reich.

The box was lifted to the surface: it was not very heavy, but judging by the sounds, there was something inside clattering, while the box was being pulled out of the hole.


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12 Responses to “Man Unearthed Forgotten Nazi Hideout Which Stayed in the Ground for 70 Years”

  1. Markus says:

    I’m not sure, but that photo 4-13 seems to give some clue on the identity of the soldier, the red card reads “Ausweiskarte”, which means “identification card”, so I’d assume if we had a better picture of that card we would get some good hints to identify the soldier.

  2. Buran Abramowitz says:

    The Cadaceus symbol with two snakes wound around the stick of Hermes is the symbol of a Doctor

    The blue line around the epaulet and on the collar is the “waffenfarbe” of the “medical branch” of the Heer.

    Two stars on the epaulet was worn by both Hauptmen (captains) and Oberfeldwebels (Master Sergeants), but in different styles. The style of the epaulette itself – made up of eight parallel lines of cloth as well as the style of the collar insignia matches that of a Hauptman.

    So it is the uniform for a Doctor of Medicine in the Corps of Medicine with the rank of Hauptman (captain).

  3. Some guy says:

    No, the case is not labelled “Mastenbrille”, but “Maskenbrille” – a pair of glasses to be worn under a gas mask. (Beware when reading “Fraktur” letters…)
    Also, although I’m not very familiar with Wehrmacht ranks, I don’t believe that the uniform belonged to some financial guy. The Rod of Asclepius on the shoulders quite clearly points towards medical staff. (It COULD have been a “Stabsarzt”, but just guessing here…)

  4. john dudley says:

    Very cool find.

  5. Granpa Karlo says:

    Relax. I was there when the box was buried. Dr. Fritz was in such a hurry…

  6. Douglas says:

    This box should be in a museum or at least sent to the family…if they can be found. I would like to see a photo of the entire contents.

  7. Bunk Strutts says:

    Every time I stop by this site I find something interesting. Great job. –Bunk

  8. Maskenbrille says:

    Mastenbrille = Maskenbrille

  9. Cairo says:


    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      LOL. A lot of American kids like to think that everything is “fake”. Including proven History and hard Science.

      It must be that self-serving education system…

  10. Tom McGaw says:

    Living with the American news media has made us skeptical of everything we see on a screen.

  11. Alfred A Arnold says:

    The US ! a nation of money hungry IDIOTS that use the fear of war to make money, stirring up trouble where ever they go, all in the name of peace and their god the US$$$$$$

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