0 How they raise the most famous bridge of St.Petersburg View from the inside

How they raise the most famous bridge of St.Petersburg View from the inside

Posted on July 13, 2016 by marina

Drawbridges are the main symbol of St. Petersburg, the main attraction and the main reason for stopping the traffic. Today we will go straight into the most famous – the Palace Bridge, look at it from the inside and see “that very” button, clicking on which spreads the wings of the multi-ton bridge!

2. Let’s begin. Let’s start with the usual tourist photo from the bridge. Look, The State Hermitage Museum is on the left, Palace bridge is on the right, everyone who has ever been to St.Petersburg has this photo:)

3. But no tourist has this photo. Inside the bridge there is a lot of space, a lot of cars or a few dozen people can freely and easily accommodate here. Closed from tourist eyes, the area is located a few meters below the roadway.

4. The view from the bridge.

5.Only few people know what there is inside of the bridge.

6. Yes, that’s all inside of the bridge!
This space is filled with counterweight during the rising, the weight is almost 1500 tons, the weight of the bridge wings is 1000 tons. Two sides of the bridge are almost identically mirrored.

7. The territory here is so large, and the bridge is so deep, that there are even stairs inside!

8. Of course, moveable bridges is a beautiful spectacle but for many residents of St. Petersburg it creates problems. They raise bridges only at night time but even at this time there is heavy traffic in the city, which stops partially during the raising. For example, getting from the Center to Vasilevsky and Petrograd Islands becomes impossible.
The bridges are raised not for tourists, but for the ships that’s just in advance should apply for the passage under bridges. All movements control also occurs from the bridge, right from here:


10. A few minutes before the start of the process, engineer from the bridge signals to the services on the bridge by wireless and they close the movement. The mechanic finds it out using surveillance cameras and … the drivers who were late for the bridge are starting to swear, unlike enthusiastic tourists preparing to press the shutter buttons on their cameras and iPhones nonstop.

11. Although there are so many buttons, it’s quite easy to rise the bridge. There are special buttons “raising” (green) and “bridging” (yellow)

12. Right inside of bridge, just behind “that very” button, there is a balcony, from which we watch what happens after pressing “that very” button.
First seconds. By the way, on the other side of the bridge you can see the window, there is a man, too, but there’re no buttons. All management occurs on the one side, from the other one, there is only an ensuring that all goes according to the plan.

13. Meanwhile, it took another few seconds, and we see that it is moving!


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