0 In Nenets Region They Have School Helicopter instead of School Bus

In Nenets Region They Have School Helicopter instead of School Bus

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Andrey

Over the entire school year, the children of the tundra have been living and studying at boarding schools. Now they are returning by helicopter to their nomadic parents, to their families and tribal communities of Kaminskaya, Malozemelskaya and Bolshezemelskaya tundra, on Kolguev and Vaygach islands, for a short polar summer.

The children’s helicopter campaign is arranged four times a year. In late May, the students are taken to the tundra, by September 1 they are taken back to the boarding school. Besides, the NAO Administration provides children studying at boarding schools with an opportunity to meet the New Year with their families. The cost of renting helicopters for transporting children to summer and winter vacations is 24.3 million rubles a year.

“Despite the fact that “the school helicopter” is a very costly affair, I consider the preservation of traditions in the national district one of the main priorities,” said Governor Igor Koshin. “On vacation, children help their parents with household chores, learn to herd reindeer and arrange life. These skills are no less important for the northern culture than the school knowledge.” The region considers the idea of nomadic schools and kindergarten as an alternative to boarding schools. The pilot project will launch this summer.


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