2 Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Andrey


A set of cards released by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR in 1983 is dedicated to the region that used to have a generalized “resort” name at the time – the Caucasus Black Sea coast. Towns, villages and resorts from Anapa to Batumi administratively related to different areas, regions and republics, but for holidaymakers it was just the Black Sea coast. Visitors were both those who went “to the seaside” after getting a “whatever they had” ticket and those who traveled exclusively to the Caucasian coast. There were, of course, the adherents of the Crimea as well. These two regions replaced Turkey and Egypt for Soviet citizens (unfortunately, there was no alternative to Thailand in the USSR, and our fellow citizens discovered the delights of winter beach holiday only in the 90th). Apart from vacations in the Crimea and the Caucasus, there was “the land of evergreen tomatoes” – Baltics with Jurmala.

There will be more publications about the Crimea and the Baltic states, but now, to celebrate the beginning of summer, please welcome the postcards of the Caucasian Black Sea coast. Notes are original. Photos by V. Panov

1. View of the Cape Pitsunda (photo by R. Ozersky)


2. Anapa. Central Alley of the Park of Culture and Rest named after the 30th anniversary of Victory

3. Anapa. In the children’s village of tales

4. Novorossiysk. Panorama of the city

5. Novorossiysk. Monument-ensemble “In memory of ships of the Black Sea Fleet sunken on 18 June 1918″ Sculptor V. Tsigal, architects Ya. Belopolsky, R. Kananin, V. Khavin

6. Dzhankhot. Beach

7. Gelendzhik. Cinema theatre “Yantar”

8. Tuapse. Kiselev Rock

9. Sochi. Hotel complex “Dagomys”

10. Sochi. Train station

11. Sochi. Esplanade and the new section of highway in Khosta

12. Gagra. Colonnade


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  1. Pom2Ter says:

    Wow awesome pictures. Thanks for those. I visited the black sea coast in Romania around Mamaia (well Constanta) and I really like it there.

    Papa Karlo, did you by any chance work in one of those Soviets black sea resorts and what is your opinion on those? Please tell us more!

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