0 How They Produce Helicopters in Kazan, Russia

How They Produce Helicopters in Kazan, Russia

Posted on July 11, 2016 by marina

Kazan Helicopter Plant is the world-renowned manufacturer of helicopters Mi-8 which are operated in more than 100 countries around the world. Modifications of these helicopters are available in a wide range, such as transport, passenger, rescue, airborne transport and many other.

Russian-made helicopters manufactured in Kazan in total have flown more than 50 million flight hours around the world.

In the history of the plant more than 12000 helicopters Mi-4, Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-17, “Ansat” and their modifications were delivered in 100 countries of the world.

In 2015, the plant turned 75 years old. The history of the plant began in September, 1940.

The plant is the only company in the industry engaged in a full cycle of helicopters from the development and serial production to after-sales support staff training and making repairs.

During World War II the company produced about 10.5 thousand biplanes Po 2, “Light Cavalry” of the Soviet army.

In 1966 the factory No. 387 was renamed as Kazan Helicopter Plant. In 1973 year the plant mastered the production of amphibious helicopter Mi-14, which was widely used in naval aviation.

Lineup of the Company.


In 1993, the plant decided to expand the range of products. To this end, in 1996 there was created a design bureau and the plant received a developer license of helicopter technology. Creating of “Ansat” cannot be overstated: it is a symbol of the rebirth of domestic engineering and industrial potential of Russia.

“Ansat” is a light multipurpose helicopter of the own design of the Kazan helicopter plant. Helicopter program has been developed in two directions: military and civilian.

The training helicopter “Ansat-U” is purchased by the Ministry of Defense of Russia for flying schools and centers of combat training and comes as standard.

Using quick equipment, the universal “Ansat” helicopter can be quickly modified to perform a wide range of tasks: cargo delivery, passenger transport, search and rescue operations, patrolling, firefighting, emergency medical assistance.

At the beginning of 2015, the plant announced another success: the civil version of the helicopter “Ansat” with hydromechanical control system has received an addition to the aircraft type certificate MAC register, allowing the carriage of passengers on the commercial market.


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