31 Russian Parliament – Duma in Photos

Russian Parliament – Duma in Photos

Posted on June 28, 2016 by tim

A few days ago Russian parliament called “Duma” has finished its current session after being elected back in 2012. Now in 2016 there is a new election coming and these people would be changed at least in part by new faces. But here are some fun photos from the past four years. You won’t be disappointed if you look inside.


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31 Responses to “Russian Parliament – Duma in Photos”

  1. Luscinia Sveicica says:

    I am amazed, they seems to behave like humans.

    • Darius says:

      Well, some of it is clearly happening during breaks, but I guess the point here is that some of it happens during “work time”. Many take it as an insult in the view that Russia had many unresolved problems for years, many Russian have a tough life and in the mean time these individuals in the duma are playing games. And of cause the same individuals promise to archive great things for all voters during election campaign, each time!

    • RB says:

      LOL Did she use post it notes to make the neck-lass?

  2. john dudley says:

    Don’t feel bad, know different then are politicians,

  3. Papa Karlo says:

    Comrade Stalin would have shot them all, and would have been very right to do so.

    • alsm74 says:

      Comrade Stalin would be damn right, if he would execute rthem. They have salary 800000 per month (35-40 times more, than average) and only vote the law violating the rights and interests of the Russian Federation people. They do not care, because all elections are fraud and their boss is satisfied.

    • Rashomon says:

      Comrade Stalin? It appears that Democracy is not your thing, “Karlo”. And that ‘comrade’ has been dead for more than 60 years, so…

    • Lord Palmerston says:

      Seem more decent than the MP’s from the (still British) House of Commons.

      Our legislators are dismembering the UK and still collect money for it.

  4. asi says:

    iz za eti dputati e banditi gubarnati russsia kazdi den nishi nishi budet-e rokhnat

  5. asi says:

    deputat achkarka s svetami ana kak nishaya shlukha

  6. Pom2Ter says:

    They clearly look like they have a good time on the Russian citizens dime… Like the French politicians…

  7. ed brown says:

    These people voted to ban adoption of Russian orphans by
    foreigners. Now many Russian children with serious health
    problems, who don’t have parents, cannot be adopted by
    Europeans or Americans who are willing to adopt them.

    These people voted for many dictatorial laws suggested by Putin.
    For example, it is legal now for Russian police to shoot in crowds.

    Many laws that they have passed are such that anybody can be put in
    jail. There are already several cases then people were jailed for
    comments in the social networks.

    These photos attest banality of evil. I hope some day these criminals will receive just punishment for everything they have committed.

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      You’re very worried, “Ed”.
      Perhaps because your own Congress and Gov. have approved and promotes:
      -almost total surveillance on your people (without an investigation, judge warrant, etc);
      -legalized torture,
      -imprisons people without trials for years,
      -violates privacy rights,
      -and approves (illegal) wars of of aggression –or “Regime Change”- in other continents, killiong hundred of thousands.
      -erc, etc…

      Now, let’s talk more about more that “banality of evil” after you look at your paranoid butt in a mirror. It will be fun!

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      You sound truly scared, “Ed”. I don’t know if it’s because your own Government and Reps do worst things against your own people, and against the entire planet.

      I suppose it’s better to hate and bash other people in other, far away countries. I guees that’s how you can feel better with yourself, I’m sure.

    • Philip Jennings says:

      Bought-off representatives, at the service of an untouchable and corrupt oligarchy. Sounds like Washington to me!

      At least (after 7 years), the Brits produced the Chilcot Report, and exposed Blair, Bush Jr., and their (deadly) lies.

  8. Jacob says:

    This simply confirms that the Duma members are some of the most loathed politicians in Russia. Putin’s subjugation of the legislature, and near total control by the United Russia party has led to a situation where legislators aren’t allowed and won’t do any real work. They’re a rubber stamp of Kremlin. Plain and simple. Those outside of Russia do not fully understand the context of some of the pictures. There are famous singers and sportsmen now in this Duma. What a great collection of legislative “experts”.

    • Philip Jennings says:

      Pairlaments around the world are in bad shape, and have twisted loyalties. Russian is no different. I don’t know if the Duma suffers from the corrupt (and out of control) “Lobby” practices seen in the US. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  9. Devin Gavenda says:

    I appreciate so much for your great effort in developing this informative post.

  10. Saint-Efficace says:

    Ah, parliaments – invented by the destabilisers of nations to subvert, and then usurp the powers of monarchs. They were not lying when they said the devil makes light work for idle hands, they were not lying, were they?

    Monarchy now!

    À bas la république, au joli son, au joli son,
    à bas la république, au joli son du canon!
    — Old Vendéen parody of the Carmagnole

  11. Francois Labelle says:

    Putin mindless minions…they are there to fill a seat….and rubber stamp whatever the “Tzar” Rasputin tell them…

    • Ball Breaker says:

      Relax… At least they are not the recently elected Republican retards who will do whatever The Donald (and Ivanka) tells them in the coming years —and their Euro Servants, too… That will be the funniest Reality TV Show in decades!

      So, if you wanted to feel better about your own (hilarious) situation, you should try somethibg else…


  12. RB says:

    It could be worse,you might get Trump for your next President after the US kicks his behind out of north america

    • Philip Jennings says:

      …Uhh… No. You elected a retard like Bush Jr –twice… Now you’ll have to live with that Trump clown for 4 years (at least), with a Congress and Senate full of the most backward ignorants in the developed world…

      Enjoy the ride!

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