20 Russian Mi-8 helicopter production pictures

Russian Mi-8 helicopter production pictures

Posted on June 22, 2016 by tim

Russian blogger Zzhitel went to the once top secret military facility where legendary Soviet and now Russian MI-8 helicopters are produced. It is one of the most widely used helicopters in the world. Over 100 countries have them. This factory is 75 years old already. They do it all here – start with a project and then make final product – full production cycle.  Also later provide service for the machines. Thanks to Zzhitel we can see it from inside!

It looks all modern and nice now.

The actual helicopter body assemblage is being made on those frames looking like whale skeletons.

This factory was making other stuff before the helicopters. During WW2 it was producing bi-wing planes  – biplanes. Over 10,000 of such were produced here in 1941-1945.

Then after the war, they made harvesters for the fields to help the Soviet country return to peaceful life.

And then in 1951 first helicopters started being built here. The first ones were MI-1 model.

Over 7,000 people work here now.

It has its own cafeteria with very low prices. Like this small baked treat for just 10 cents.

All the prices are very low compared to restaraunts. You can get a lot of food just for $1.50.

These days there are a few modifications of the helicopter to suit different needs, including military.


The ones that have round windows are for transporting goods, the ones with the more rectangled ones is for the passenger transportation.

Rivets are still being widely used here.

As the helicopter body advances thru the workshop it gets more finished look.

Then it’s being washed and painted.


In special paint job chambers.

Some parts are being painted separately.

This is a freshly painted machine.

Most of the helicopters go to the army.

Here is a ready made helicopter.

And here is an exhibition of other finnished products.


Even some VIP helicopters for business and official use.

Also cats, they live here.

Near the factory they have an airfield to field-test the machines.

The price of MI-8 helicopter starts from $15,000,000 and depends on the needs of the customer, it can be custom painted or equipped as well.

This one is also a V.I.P. machine.


It has got its own kitchen.

With full set of dishes.

And a toilet.


And this one is a “Simple” helicopter they make here. It’s price starts from $5Million.

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20 responses to “Russian Mi-8 helicopter production pictures”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    Thanks for this post! I worked in this factory for a year in 1986. But because of secrecy, I never came even close to the buildings where they produced helicopters, only was allowed into a metal shop where some seemingly meaningless parts were made, and the carpentry shop.

  2. Papa Karlo says:

    As for the cafeteria food, it’s good as long as you’ve never eaten any western food. After that, you won’t be able to eat this food every day, unless you have absolutely no choice.
    The proof: in Russia, factory managers and people close to them (like union stewards) NEVER eat in cafeterias where the workers eat, they just can’t stand the food. Their lunch is usually delivered directly to their office so they eat different food (usually prepared specially for them in the same kitchen) and never together with the workers.

    • Rashomon says:

      LOL. Get over it.
      Apparently, you still confuse Soviet 1986, with today’s 2016. Maybe you went to sleep for 30 years… It would be nice if you start to live in this Century.

      • Papa Karlo says:

        Last time I ate food like this was 2005 in Ufa, if you know where it is… One of the biggest factories there. To get to their cafeteria required a special pass with my photo on it. I still keep that pass as a memorabilia. Guess what, the food was the same as I just described. So if Ufa is not Russia for you, and 2005 is not XXI century, I guess yes, me and you do live in different realities.

        As I said, compared to the Soviet slop, this is God’s food, but if you’ve one eaten normal food in Western Europe or America, you’ll never want this.

        • Rashomon says:

          Nice, “Karlo” boy, but unfortunately, your hate against millions made your ‘opinion’ irrelevant. You have been caught in too many lies and blunders. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

          • Papa Karlo says:

            What does my hate of Russo-Soviet food have to do with “hate for millions”? What are you smoking? What are you warning me about – suing me for a hate crime?

            • Rashomon says:

              No problemm little “karlo”. If you want some reminders, I’ll be glad to repost some of them. Thankfully, here you can’t erase your hallucinations.

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      Happy 2016, “karlo” boy. The XXI Century is fantastic –if you finally want to live in it.

    • Pom2Ter says:

      It hasn’t been that way in France since I’ve been working (and I’ve completed university 14 years ago)

    • Jacob says:

      I have eaten western food, and the menu isn’t exactly appetizing. I’d get a beef steak with korean cabbage kimchi I guess.

    • Philip Jennings says:

      The MI-8 Helicopter is a legendary piece of machinery. It is still sold in big numbers the world over.

      Probably that’s too much for some sensibilities here.

    • Samuel says:

      What’s western food? Mashed potatoes? Ghoulash? Rice? lol

  3. john dudley says:

    interesting to see,nice machines.

  4. RB says:

    maybe helicopters invented Russia?

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