2 White Brick Moscow Before the Great Fire

White Brick Moscow Before the Great Fire

Posted on May 23, 2016 by tim

As we know, the Russian capital, Moscow, was destroyed by fire in the early 19th century. Napoleon raided the city and also burned it. So basically the city we know now is different from what it was more than 200 years ago. Most of the buildings were made out of “white stone”, including the Kremlin. Of course there are no photos of this time, but there are plenty of vintage engraved pictures of those times which we have here for your viewing pleasure.


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2 Responses to “White Brick Moscow Before the Great Fire”

  1. Ekateryna Pugachenko says:

    If I remember well, it was Fyodor Rostopchin that ordered the burning of Moscow just after the arrival of the French Emperor.

  2. patricia stanich says:

    Wow, i love the postcards. Someone had to be very talented to make these

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