6 Ukrainian “anti-terrorist operation” museum in Dnepropetrovsk

Ukrainian “anti-terrorist operation” museum in Dnepropetrovsk

Posted on May 18, 2016 by tim

Ukrainian city Dnepropetrovsk hosts a “museum for counter terrorist operation” – by this name in Ukraine goes the recent war they were having in 2014-2015. Officially, the war is not over yet, however museum is intact already. Take a look on some photos here.


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6 Responses to “Ukrainian “anti-terrorist operation” museum in Dnepropetrovsk”

  1. Mike Talino says:

    “Liberating” their own people with MLRS.

  2. Gazza says:

    Ukropistani propaganda BS….

  3. nick says:

    Its a good museum, needed to teach future generations about how our Russian brothers betrayed us

  4. solo says:

    If I would take serious the message of the exhibit, then would draw the following conclusion.

    The evil “terrorists”(in Novorossia) demolished their own towns, just for fun !

    Luckily the good “antiterrorists” sent by Kiev, but financed by USA and aided by CIA went there, to save the people and stop the demolition.
    So they are cute and nice people, heroes indeed.

    Just wonder -why so many conscripts (of Ukrainian armed forced) are deserting ?

  5. Kirsan says:

    I’m sick of this hypocrisy.

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