3 Posh gypsie village in Moldavia

Posh gypsie village in Moldavia

Posted on May 18, 2016 by tim

That’s not some theme park of any sort. Not a museum. This is the so called “Gypsy Capital” – a village in Moldova where the majority of the population are gypsies and they try their best to show off. And it looks like they have succeeded, just look at this St. Peter’s cathedral in the middle of nowhere. More inside.


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  1. Pom2Ter says:

    My wife is Romanian, Last time we were driving around in Romania I saw one similar Tzigane village on the way to the Ursus beer factory of Brașov lol and another one just before on the way to Bran Castle…

  2. Sightseeing guide says:

    This style is called the Roma Baroque.
    Indeed frequent in Moldova and Ukraine.
    I even conducted tours for visitors.
    I am a grandfather with an accordion simply magnificent.
    Enjoying life!

  3. Sightseeing Guide says:

    In the city on the Dnieper Ukraine has a park.
    Park with figures on Christian themes.
    Park equipped with modern amenities and provides the Roma community.
    The area of the city known as the Amur.

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