10 Russian cosmonaut Gagarin helmet mystery

Russian cosmonaut Gagarin helmet mystery

Posted on May 12, 2016 by tim

Russian blogger and photographer Marina was wondering on Yuri Gagarin’s helmet  – why on some photos it has CCCP (USSR) sign on it and some photos show just white helmet with no letters or whatsoever. Was the sign was “photoshopped” later? Were the photos doctored by Russian mass media? She went to the museum to find out the truth and this is what she got!

In reality the helmet bears the (CCCP) USSR sign on it. However it was not always there!

Yuri Gagarin really had no signs on his helmet initially. Even on the day he was planned to go to become the first man in space – he had no red letters CCCP on his helmet.


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10 Responses to “Russian cosmonaut Gagarin helmet mystery”

  1. TRex says:

    That artistist officer had some mad skills, assuming he didn’t use a stencil.

  2. m! says:

    U sure they got marker then?

  3. Federico says:

    Those are some fine handmade letters! Also great page, thanks for all the hard work!

  4. somejoe says:

    Rubbish. But nice pictures.

  5. Armstrong says:

    Nice fairytale

    • Phillip Jennings says:

      Many Americans don’t “think” that Armstrong landed on the moon. Now, that’s funny.

      • Amadeus says:

        It’s an IQ test, if you research it and still think they landed on the moon…

        • Phillip Jennings says:

          “IQ test”? Seems you failed.

          –“if you research it and…”. I did. NASA did 6 succesful moon landings, all confirmed by the Soviets. You’re funny.

          And thanks for confirming my point.

  6. Peter Nebelung says:

    Field expedient lettering. Nice job.

  7. Juan says:

    You’re more worried about his helmet decals then the overall accomplishment? Really?

    I’ve noticed this site kind of belittles Russia which is a shame.

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