2 Russian Saint George Order Heroes in Soviet Army

Russian Saint George Order Heroes in Soviet Army

Posted on May 9, 2016 by tim

Saint George’s Order Cross was a top reward in Tsarist Russia, or Russian Empire. It was awarded “to the bravest and those who expressed outstanding courage”. When Tsar was dethrowned the award was abolished. In Soviet Army new set of awards was established including the Red Star Order and many more. However there were plenty of Old Tsar Heroes who didn’t leave Russia after the Revolution and joined the new Soviet Red Army. They were not shy displaying their previous government awards as they earned them with their bravery and courage. And here is a set of Russian soldiers awarded with St. George Cross fighting for the Red Army, mostly during WW2.


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2 Responses to “Russian Saint George Order Heroes in Soviet Army”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    Having St George order did not prevent communists from shooting such people for various reasons.

    • Phillip Jennings says:

      Then the guys of these pics were ghosts. Or whatever funny fantasy you can come up to, “Karlo” boy. Nothing new with you.
      Nice pics!

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