0 Day of Parades:  military parade in Vladivostok 2016

Day of Parades: military parade in Vladivostok 2016

Posted on May 9, 2016 by tim

While ya’ll sitting behind your desks in the offices or do other stuff of jobs, it’s a holiday in Russia, known as “Victory Day” or as they say now “Day of the Great Victory”. Or simply put – day of military parades, when all major Russian towns have the columns of military equipment and soldiers marching thru the downtown. Let’s see some of those. Here comes the first parade from Vladivostok – one of the most Eastern Russian cities so photos from that place come first. Thanks to Smit Smitty and his effort to go there and take the photos we can see it too now:

Thanks again to SmitSmitty his website is below:


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