15 Russian Spetznaz Breaking Bricks And More

Russian Spetznaz Breaking Bricks And More

Posted on May 3, 2016 by tim

Blowing up rubber hot water bottles, breaking bricks, rolling frying pans into tubes with bear hands like they are made from tin foil and many more this is what Russian Spetznaz soldiers demonstrated this past Friday at a party. Thanks to PolkovnikVVS blogger we can see it all in detail.

So here is a rubber hot water bottle. Each Spetznaz guy takes it and blows it up by blowing in it:


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15 Responses to “Russian Spetznaz Breaking Bricks And More”

  1. Froggy says:

    Welkom to Spetznaz cirqus :-)

  2. Lumpy Gravy says:

    > Page 3, No. 1
    > And now another thing to do – putting a few bricks on a belly.

    … and I had thought that pulling away the two chairs and the horizontal guy hovering in mid-air was the next thing … but I guess that would be asking too much, even of the excellent Spetznaz :-)

    Many countries have such specially trained, highly disciplined forces and Russia’s Spetznaz are certainly among the best, if not the best of them all. It is indicative for the rotten times we’re living in that countries need to maintain forces which can deal with situations the police and the military are not trained for. Should there ever be some sort of Saudi/Turkey instigated blowback for Russia’s support of Syria one can only hope that Spetznaz will be there and prevent the worst. The horrors of Beslan are unforgotten and must never happen again!

    • Papa Karlo says:

      You should know though, that the horrible victims count at Beslan was in large part the result of a worst imaginable handling of the situation by the government. I’ll remind you just several facts:
      Putin which was on route to the region, when learned about the situation developing, cowardly changed his route to avoid the region.
      There is little doubt that Russian tanks were ordered to fire at the school which had hundreds of hostage kids inside. It is believed these shots, not the terrorists, actually detonated the explosives. At least the government didn’t even bothered to prove otherwise.
      After the worst happened, government forces were so ineffective that they allowed some of the terrorists to actually escape the school, however they lied that nobody escaped, until later one of the presumably dead terrorists was killed later in another conflict.

      • Lumpy Gravy says:

        Yes, I’m aware of this and I agree that a lot went wrong during this operation. But since the details have never been made available to the public (presumably because they’re too embarrassing for some higher-ups, maybe even the Kremlin itself) one can only speculate over the reasons … incompetence, poor coordination, lack of training, unreliable equipment … who knows? But this was in 2004 and a lot has happened over the past 12 years. Due to the ever increasing greed and pressure of the imperialist West the RF has been compelled to invested vast amounts in the development and manufacture of new armaments and in the training and the improved combat readiness of the country’s military and of special forces like Spetznaz. I’m sure that today a similar situation would be dealt with in a much more competent manner … which of course is by no means a guarantee for success. How can more than 1000 hostages be freed from the clutches of determined and armed to the teeth bandits who are prepared to blow up themselves and everybody else? This is beyond me.

      • Rashomon says:

        Love your wild imagination “Karlo” boy. You should write short novels. Or whatever (unsupported) fantasies that fit your paranoid russophobia.

        • Papa Karlo says:

          Learn some workable Russian first, then read Russian press which covered the whole Beslan story in great detail. Until then, you have no idea about the subject you are talking about.

          • Rashomon says:

            Follow your own “advice”, Karlo Boy. Ir will keep embarrassing yourself here. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  3. Gawaim says:

    Man, this is a isopor bricks?

  4. Douglas says:

    Very cool. I’m not sure but don’t all nations have these super muscle types on hand for ready use? If not, they should!

  5. Richard S. says:

    One of them should replace Jonathan Goldsmith to play “the most interesting man in the world” in the Dos Equis beer ads.

  6. some_russian says:

    You’re all right in some ways.
    Spetznaz focused on tasks that require more speed, reaction, strength.
    They’re part of military forces, not police.
    And the main reason of all this “circus stuff” is to show that if they have an order – they will do it even in the face of injury or pain.

    And of course every country should have the same.

    Hope this info helps to you, guys. =)

    • Umpalumpa says:

      Sure, but the problem is, you wont find these – circus guys – in any active unit. Why? Because their muscles slows them down, being not agile enough, when speed and quick reaction is needed.

      Now get a few active guys from the units, and ask them to do this same circus thing – they cant, and wont – and they dont have to, since this is all for the public show. Or how often are wars won by rolling the pan?

      And a fun thing to do, when you next see a demo like this: When they are going to hand smash the bricks – ask them to remove the tubes/sticks between them first, and see their reaction.

  7. Ximlania says:

    wrestler ! ! ! cipetnaz

  8. Semi Martin says:

    But the bricks not hit back :)))

  9. Spring says:

    I wish they did that to every head-cutting wahhabi mercenary they captured in Syria, heck all the NATO and Saudi big-shots supporting them too.

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