0 Top 13 Russian Guinness Records

Top 13 Russian Guinness Records

The Book of Guinness World Records is one of the most respected encyclopedic sources that can prove or disapprove some fact, settle some
dispute. Russians have made their contribution to the Book as well. These are the main thirteen achievements from Russia.

3 They Just Wanted to Have More Square Meters

They Just Wanted to Have More Square Meters

Some people cannot stop building and overbuilding... Whether their need or rich fantasy, they realize crazy construction ideas
hoping to make this all legal. Look at these examples of crazy squatter development in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan...

11 That Very Place Where the First Man in Space Died

That Very Place Where the First Man in Space Died

55 years ago a man flew to space and what's more important he managed to come back! But seven years after, taking his penultimate exam to further fly alone, he crashed with his mentor in MiG-15 aircraft... Why did he decide to fly?? Probably he was missing the sky... This publication is about his deathplace. It has been recently visited by blogger fotografersha, who made an interesting story to describe the shots. Firth of all, it gets heavy on your heart once you're there. Many years are gone, but seeing this
circle where the craft crashed, is still heartbreaking. For most Russian people Yura Gagarin is an ideal person, almost unreal. He undoubtedly deserved to be the first man in space. And the country is proud. The official version of the crash: due to the rapidly changing situation in the air, the crew was forced to make an aggressive maneuver and spinned in. The pilots desperately tried to get the craft into a hoorizontal position but it collided on the ground and both died.

2 Transformers, Russian Style

Transformers, Russian Style

Russia is full of talent indeed...Proof  can be seen between Yalta and Sevastopol - one of local bikers has made cool robots
from auto scrap and displayed them next to the den of "Night Wolves". The detail is awesome, sad to see them rusting...

1 Turning Silver Into Russian Masterpieces

Turning Silver Into Russian Masterpieces

Blogger aslan has been to many factories but says this one is really special. Here, at "Russkiye samotsvety" ("Russian gems") factory they turn ordinary
silver spoons into small masterpieces. The full process is on photos, production of vases, pendants, sugar scoops are covered too as a bonus.

6 Only in Russia..

Only in Russia..

Only in Russia girl can go and order herself a photo session with a huge bear. No muzzles, no chains, no precautions - where is it else possible?
Bear can leak her cheeks, she hugs him, etc etc. And every girl can just go pay a few roubles and get those photos. Only in Russia.

0 Russian Army Batmobile Spotted in Dagestan (photos)

Russian Army Batmobile Spotted in Dagestan (photos)

A few months ago there was a video how the army officials were presenting a huge futuristic armored army truck to the president. The car was fast named "Russian Batmobile" by Internet audience.  It seemed that it's just a cool concept and it would
pass lots of time before the actual trucks would be in the army units. However, recently some of them were spotted during "anti-terror offensive" in most Southern Russian part - Dagestan. Let's see the actual photos and a video:

0 Shots from the Soviet Supermarket

Shots from the Soviet Supermarket

Some people think there were no supermarkets in Soviet Russia, but they were some. At
least this one where they took those pics. Take a look, pretty interesting stuff.

1 Russian SU-30SMs Receive New Missiles

Russian SU-30SMs Receive New Missiles

The new SU-30SMs stationed at Domna air base near the Lake Baikal lately started receiving new "air-to-air" missiles
RVV-SD. Also those planes first received the automatic ejection systems AKU-170. Let's see those in detail:

12 Russian Emperors Faberge Collection

Russian Emperors Faberge Collection

A huge collection of Russian Royal's House Faberge collection. Not
only Faberge eggs but also lots of other stuff. Check it out.

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