12 Russian rocket launched from Cosmodrome Vostochny for the first time

Russian rocket launched from Cosmodrome Vostochny for the first time

Posted on April 28, 2016 by tim

Today the rocket was launched from newly built Russian spaceport “Cosmodrome Vostochny” for the first time. Russian airplane photographer Marina was there and made those photos.


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12 Responses to “Russian rocket launched from Cosmodrome Vostochny for the first time”

  1. Luscinia Sveicica says:

    Gratulations to Russia from Norway. Keep up the great work.

  2. Douglas says:

    Why are they standing so close to the missile? Oh well, what could possibly go wrong.

  3. RB says:

    Congratulations to Russia on their new space launch port. The flame trench is beautiful,I wonder how many Russians that see this will know of how important that trench is? We found how important it is to get rid of the vibration when the Russian moon rocket was damaged at launch from (not enough flame/thrust damping).

  4. Jason says:

    absolutely fabulous, glad the first launch from this new site went well , hope this allways continues :-)

  5. Pom2Ter says:

    So does it mean Baikonur will be retired slowly and replaced overtime by this new Cosmodrome?

  6. Papa Karlo says:

    Strange choice of location. There is no doubt that Amur region where the new cosmodrome located, will belong to China in near future. China doesn’t need another space launch site, so they will probably just abandon it.
    Should have spent money on another useful project, but there must be a reason they did it. They must have stolen half of the money allocated for the construction.

    • Reader says:

      Every idiot emigrant knows how and where best to build spaceports

    • Rashomon says:

      Love your butthurt. Please write some more, “Karlo” boy. It’s fun.

    • Pom2Ter says:

      Sure Papa Karlo, because some random delusional freak always blabbing can tell Russia will give some of it’s territory to China and discard it’s new cosmodrome…

  7. Agent Beeman says:

    “….will belong to China in near future….”. LOLZ. It’s the indebted Americans who should be wary of the Chinese.

    The way things are going with American debts, maybe San Franciso will be Chinese city soon.

    “Should have spent money on another useful project…”. See, “Karlo” boy, Space Launchs are a pretty nice business. Russian Soyuz is the only ticket to space these days for NASA’s astronauts (and everybody else).

    But we know that simple reality won’t change your funny fantasies, full of childish, embittered hatred.

  8. Oscar Goldman says:

    This is nice. Now, please cry some more little “karlo”… What else can you do here?

  9. Les Hayward says:

    Very impressive.

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