3 Soviet Experimental All Terrain Vehicles

Soviet Experimental All Terrain Vehicles

Posted on April 23, 2016 by team

These are mainly projects of Likhachev’s plant, strangest of them that were never serially produced. Construction of army all-terrain vehicles in the USSR went much further than construction of ordinary cars. Engineers were brave enough in their ideas but they were doomed to remain in the world of fantasies.

Rear engined vehicle on chassis of ZIS-157 prototype. 1956. The idea was not too successful – the vehicle’s nose lifted up pushing snow in front of itself, the driver was finally losing control of the vehicle.

Light experimental all-terrain vehicle ZIS-E134. 1956. It had a wedge-shape body and three driving axles on a single track.

Testing rear-engined vehicle in Bronnitsy.

Production prototype ZIL-157R with front and rear steering wheels. The vehicle with equally spaced axles could overcome 2,5 m. ditches.

2,5 tonned vehicle ZIL-157R on six arch tires with sides.

140 hp snow and swamp going vehicle ZIL-136 with a lifting body and a water-jet propeller, but without any suspension. 1957. It had a good cross-country ability but was hard to control.

ZIL-136 with a frameless body and arch tires.

Oroginal BTR-E152V with 14-seat armored body.1957. The vehicle could move forward and back with one or two damaged wheels of the intermediate axle.
ZIL 132 family (1960-1976):

Three-axle 2,5 tonned truck ZIL-132 with a cabin of ZIL-131. 1960.
These army trucks were built according to the non-traditional concept. They had a support base with a smooth bottom, vehicle borne transmission, equally spaced wheel pairs with adjustment of inner pressure in big tires and had no any suspension.


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  1. Arbatard says:

    Really good captions and photos, thanks

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    They really did know how to Experiment back in those days. Its great to see Russia is back in the game again.

  3. RB says:

    Russians know how to build tough stuff,

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