1 What Is Inside of a Military Submarine?

What Is Inside of a Military Submarine?

Posted on April 22, 2016 by team

We are in Kaliningrad, Russia, to visit the World Ocean Museum (where one may lose himself for hours) and get inside a real military submarine. Take a rare chance with us!

“Embankment of the historic fleet”. The museum has five ships,  They are listed on the sign.

Diesel-electric submarine B-412. It is 91 meters long!

Down thru the hatch.

All military attributes are accumulated in the forward compartment – torpedos, mines, shooting devices.


Photos can’t convey how large they are…

Mine RM-2.

The mining technology is quite interesting.  The nose of the submarine is sharp-pointed and resembles a hook on which the mine is secured. The submarine was approaching a ship, clung and left a mine under the ship’s bottom and insensibly floated away. Some time after an explosion occurred.

Threatening submarines…

We go through the hatch and find ourselves in a living compartment.


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