8 Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

Posted on April 18, 2016 by tim

John Shultz has visited Kiev in 1958 and brought back tons of photos. Kiev the capital of Ukraine now, was a Soviet city at one time and also a capital of Ukrainian Socialistic Soviet Republic,one of the Fifteen Soviet States. Those were not just photos but awesome color slides of the city at that time. Very atmospheric in telling the story. Take a look!


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8 Responses to “Color Photos of Kiev in 1958”

  1. Dragi says:

    Were those churches torn down by communists or in the war?

    • No Mame says:

      Churches look nice. Look better at these “communist” pics.

      • Dragi says:

        Pic No. 12, that looks like a destroyed church. Just asking out of curiosity, don’t really care for communists or fascists.

        • Lord Palmerston says:

          You have heard about WW2, haven’t you? It was a BIG WAR and a lot of the Soviet Union’s buildings were razed and destroyed by Nazi troops and shells, bombs, etc…

          • Dragi says:

            No, I have not heard about WW2. What is it, is it a new computer game?
            Some religious objects in USSR were destroyed by the communist regime. I was wandering if this was one of them. If you don’t know the answer, why bother answering?

            • No Mame says:

              IMHO, the damage was made by Nazi air bombing or heavy artillery. The damage shown was on the ceiling. You need air bombs or shells to do that. If the Soviets wanted to demolish some building, they would have done that completely in just one day (as most city developers do), with absolutely nothing left to look at.

              Besides, you can see clearly in that pic that the church tower was being repaired. The 1950’s and even part of the 60’s were a general reconstruction time in the Soviet Union. Yes, even churches were rebuilt.

              I suppose that answers your question.

  2. Ben says:

    Lots of nice beaches in Kiev, it seems. Thanks for sharing these photos.

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