8 Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Posted on April 17, 2016 by tim

Chernobyl exclusion zone is the place where because of radiation population was evacuated. Abandoned villages stretch from Pripyat itself to as long as Belarus. All those territories are dangerous to live for any human and will be so for at least 200 years more. Some say, only after 2,000 years people can return here. However for every rule, there is an exclusion (pun intended). Meet this old man who lives inside the exclusion zone of Chernobyl together with only two other solitary people living around.

Journalists visited him and took those photos.

His life is not much different from other old people, except one fact – the radiation level here is officially marked as “not possible to live” and..


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8 Responses to “Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone”

  1. john dudley says:

    One tough old man.I wish him well.

  2. Leigh says:

    I understand why he stays. No one likes to loose their connection with their land. He understands it could kill him sooner rather than later, excepts it, and lives there anyway. I often think, how is this any different, where there has been an event (such as in other countries, like the U.S or England) and leaks and radiation pollution, that has been supressed, and people still live in the area, just suck up the rad’s without realising it. If I was his age, and it was my house, I wouldn’t move either.

  3. Les. Hayward says:

    Good for him. Wish him all the best.

  4. EditS says:

    I understand his point, and he is old enough not to worry much about radiation etc. good for him!

  5. boltquartermane says:

    He appears to be content.maybe even happy. Hopefully as I write this (Sept. 13th, 2016), he’s still alive and well, keeping busy. Does anybody don a radiation proof suit and check on him occasionally? If so, did they leave him a radio or some kind of communication device? Has it been explained to him the horrors of death by radiation overexposure? Hell, I’m sure he knows at his age. May whatever gods that exist watchover him. Thank you to the courageous person who took the pictures.

  6. EditS says:

    I am really admiring him, he is so calm and wise looking man. I hope he will a long happy life. Thank you sharing this lovely story with us.

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