11 That Very Place Where the First Man in Space Died

That Very Place Where the First Man in Space Died

Posted on April 15, 2016 by team

55 years ago a man flew to space and what’s more important he managed to come back!

But seven years after, taking his penultimate exam to further fly alone, he crashed with his mentor in MiG-15 aircraft… Why did he decide to fly?? Probably he was missing the sky…

This publication is about his deathplace. It has been recently visited by blogger fotografersha, who made an interesting story to describe the shots.

Firth of all, it gets heavy on your heart once you’re there. Many years are gone, but seeing this circle where the craft crashed, is still heartbreaking. For most Russian people Yura Gagarin is an ideal person, almost unreal. He undoubtedly deserved to be the first man in space. And the country is proud.

The official version of the crash: due to the rapidly changing situation in the air, the crew was forced to make an aggressive maneuver and spinned in. The pilots desperately tried to get the craft into a hoorizontal position but it collided on the ground and both died.

March 1968 was gloomy for Soviet people. Shocking. Nobody could believe in his death. There were many rumours, and as they were not promulgated some went too far saying that the crew had been drunk with no permission to fly. But it’s nonsense, of course.

The deathplace looked different in 1972 – had no stele, only the concrete circle. Red granite stele, shaped as an aircraft wing, was erected in 1975, portraits of Y.A. Gagarin and V.S. Seregin on its face.

The circle is made from black labradorite, inside is a plate with an inscription: “On March 27, 1968 the first cosmonaut of the world, Hero of the Soviet Union, Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin and test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Sergeevich Seregin, died in an air crash in this very place”.


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11 Responses to “That Very Place Where the First Man in Space Died”

  1. hawaiian says:

    hero of soviet union is as good as hero of nazi germany

  2. john dudley says:

    Excellent posting, great pictures,and interesting.A national hero should not be forgotten.

  3. p51d007 says:

    “Technically” he wasn’t the first man in space, according to the way they spelled it in the 60’s. For man to be “first in space” at the time, it was required to launch AND return in the SAME craft. Soviets were so worried that their landing on the ground might be too hard, had Yuri, EJECT, similar to an aircraft, parachute down, then quickly return him to the craft. This wasn’t known until after the fall of the soviet union.

  4. OCTOMOM says:

    What are you saying?? The Moon Landings were a Hollywood Hoax!!

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