12 Russian Emperors Faberge Collection

Russian Emperors Faberge Collection

Posted on April 15, 2016 by tim

A huge collection of Russian Royal’s House Faberge collection. Not only Faberge eggs but also lots of other stuff. Check it out.


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12 Responses to “Russian Emperors Faberge Collection”

  1. Douglas says:

    Its like eating too much candy at one time.

  2. Papa Karlo says:

    All these items have a very sad and shameful history.

    The owner of all of them, the last Russian Emperor, paid for all this with his own money. Then he was murdered, his murderers stolen all these pieces and sold to foreign buyer very cheap. (The communist leaders of the Soviet Russian in 1920-30s had no income, because the Russian economy destroyed by them could not produce anything of value).

    What amazes me, is all the buyers in the Western countries, who bought all these precious items cheap from the people who obtained them by murdering not only the rightful owner, but all his family and heirs.

    These buyers are no better than people who would buy gold teeth taken out of a murdered man’s mouth by his murderers.

    • Douglas says:

      I have to say I agree with Karlo. The murderers of the Tsar, his wife and his children are themselves no better than common criminals. Those murders achieved nothing.

      • Rashomon says:

        This kind of excessive (and pointless) boast of luxury, in a nation full of exploited, impoverished and abused people, was the kind of thing that caused an angry revoultion, boy.

        This deaf, egotistic Monarch brought his fate upon himself. Like most of insensible Autocrats do.

        But if you like to be ruled by an abusive, absolute (and inept) Monarch, well, maybe that’s why you agree with this deluded “Karlo” freak.

        • Douglas says:

          Rashomon…..the current Russian people are still ruled by an oligarchy who offers only low wages and poverty. They used to have only poverty….now they have huge dept added to that.
          The USA is just as bad. The USA used to be a land of overall exploitation. But today it is number one in the world for massive corruption.

          • Rashomon says:

            …”Russian people are still ruled by an oligarchy who…”. –And, who isn’t? BUT, if you think that Russia’s current situation is the same or worse than when it was ruled by the Tsar (and his family), you might live in the deluded dimension of our stoned “Karlo” friend. Who knows?

            …”now they have huge dept added to…”. –(?) LOLZ. The Russian National Debt is almost 17% of its GDP, one of the smallest in Europe. Even with the treacherous foreign ‘sanctions’ and low oil prices.

            …”The USA is just as bad…”. –The US has a much higher development and living standards, but supported by a TRULY Huge National Debt of 19 TRILLION, or 104% the American GDP… and growing, with a 600 Billion deficit every year. This means it’s broke. The US lives on (unpayable) loans.

            Small wonder why some “hawkish” (meaning, warmongering) neocons in the US, need urgently an imaginary “enemy” to ‘forget’ about all this; to keep spending –and boost their spirits.

            • Douglas says:

              @Rash: I meant that the Russian people now have huge personal debts that they did not have before. Car…dwelling…etc. Plus all of these debts are at huge interest rates.

              • Rashomon says:

                One of the conditions needed to live in a country which refuses to get its own economy and debt out of control (like many others in ‘the west’), are high interest rates. In Russia, these were caused by mostly foregin “sanctions” and incredibly low oil prices. But as you see, they are far from collapse or something like that.

                These other countries with huge debts one day will have to do the same (or far, far worse). Nobody knows for how long they will delay this.

                Instead of worrying about the ‘poor’ Russians, look how your own house has been terribly mismanaged in the last 15 years. And no correction is in sight.

                • Douglas says:

                  Rashomon:…..I am not talking about national debt. I am talking about personal debts….such as car loans, house loans, etc. The Russian banks charge ordinary citizens huge interest rates…such as 17% for a car loan.. The Russian business and banks like to rob the citizens.

                  • Rashomon says:

                    I already told you why. Read back if you missed something. Again…

                    • Agent Beeman says:

                      Our friend “Douglas” doesn’t understand that a country in trouble has to choose between borrowing like crazy, or cut spending and rising interest rates. Looks like money matters are not his strong suit.

    • Agent Beeman says:

      …”Russian Emperor, paid for all this with his own money…”. LOL. His “own” money was extorted from the majority of impoverished Russians, who lived in misery and servitude. THEY were the “rightful owners” of such useless ostentation ordered by that failed monarch.

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