0 Russian Army Batmobile Spotted in Dagestan (photos)

Russian Army Batmobile Spotted in Dagestan (photos)

Posted on April 15, 2016 by tim

A few months ago there was a video how the army officials were presenting a huge futuristic armored army truck to the president. The car was fast named “Russian Batmobile” by Internet audience.  It seemed that it’s just a cool concept and it would pass lots of time before the actual trucks would be in the army units. However, recently some of them were spotted during “anti-terror offensive” in most Southern Russian part – Dagestan. Let’s see the actual photos and a video:

Besides the Batmobile there are also newest Russian “Tiger” trucks.

And here is an actual “Batmobile”. It’s real name is “Falkatus” it’s said to be based on a KAMAZ base. It has 730 Hp engine and weighs over 12 tons but can run as fast as 200 km/h

Here it is. As  you can see there are plenty doors on the truck.

Here is it’s schematics. It can carry 10 people crew.

They say the truck can stand direct grenade launcher hit. Just look how awesome is it’s windshield too. And here is the video of “anti terror operation” where you can the glimpses of those too:


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